The Standards of a Legitimate Crypto Gaming Site

Online gambling is a fun entertainment activity, which is why it continues to attract people from all walks of life. The appreciation for internet casinos seems to grow by the day, with the market now boasting over $60 billion in revenue. Cryptocurrency gaming is the latest offering making waves in the sector. With the increased adaption of digital currencies across various industries, it makes sense for online casinos to want to capitalise. So, more operators started accepting crypto coins. The options went from a handful to several dozen in the past few years. Of course, cryptocurrency sites are not as available as regular ones, but you can expect to find decent platforms.

What qualifies as ‘decent,’ though? Many players are still in the dark about gambling with crypto. Therefore, it’s easier for dubious operators to take advantage of uninformed gamblers. Playing at a substandard casino could cost you money and ruin online gambling for good. Hence, you should invest time in finding gambling websites worth your money. It might take a bit of time to settle on a casino or two, but you will be better off for it. So, what allows one cryptocurrency casino to rank higher than another?

A Gaming Licence

Although it’s a no-brainer, players should always check that a gambling site has a licence from a recognised authority. Licensing legitimises an operator. With the numerous fake websites out there, you can’t be too careful about where you choose to play. You have to be particularly wary of crypto casinos. After operators began supporting digital coins, licensing wasn’t a priority for a while. Due to the decentralisation of virtual currencies, regulation wasn’t a strict requirement for gaming platforms. Additionally, not many regulators gave out licenses to cryptocurrency websites.

For some time, Curacao and Costa Rica were the only jurisdictions registering these casinos. However, the circumstances are different now. Operators accepting digital coins can register with the UKGC, the leading gambling regulator in the world. Casinos that accept both fiat and crypto can have multiple licenses. Thus, gamblers should not neglect this issue. Finding out if a gambling site is registered is not difficult. For example, wherever you see Cardano ADA Casinos reviewed, you can learn about the licensing status. Gaming on a licensed platform offers some assurances because regulators subject operators to stringent standards. So, you are confident about the game fairness, payment safety and information security, among other things.

Payment Alternatives

Convenience is a crucial measure when rating an online casino, whether it’s fiat or crypto. The best gaming platforms make gambling a seamless experience for customers. One way to achieve that is by giving players multiple banking options. Due to the increasing popularity of blockchain transactions, a variety of digital coins have become viable payment solutions. Although Bitcoin remains the leading virtual currency by market share, it’s not the only one you can use for online gambling. Cardano, Ethereum, Monero, Dash and Ripple are examples of coins making a huge impact in the gambling industry.

When playing casino games, you want to ensure you have the most suitable banking alternatives. Virtual currencies are not built the same despite using similar technology. Some are designed for cost-effectiveness, others for privacy or accessibility. So, your needs dictate the best currency. A decent crypto casino should support other coins apart from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. If you prefer the option of switching to conventional payments, then consider a hybrid site that supports cryptocurrency and fiat.

Dependable Customer Support

The customer is king, and some gambling companies don’t forget that. As a player, you feel unappreciated when you encounter an issue but can’t find the right help. Consumers are very particular about customer service. Even the slightest inconvenience can drive you to consider switching to another website. Whatever problems you face, the crypto platform you choose should solve them promptly and efficiently. You should have different ways to contact the support team. A live chat feature has become a standard on online casinos. So, don’t compromise on that. The operator should also have good response times. You shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes to chat with a customer representative. Reliable customer service is especially crucial in crypto casinos because most people only know a few basics of using virtual currencies.

Security Measures

Virtual currency might be safer to use than traditional digital payment services, but that doesn’t mean a casino shouldn’t be serious about security. The caution you exercise when playing on regular platforms must also apply to crypto websites. Even if you only need a wallet address to send and receive money, a gaming site should have standard encryption. Firewalls, two-factor authentication and independent audits are other protection features to watch out for.

Provably Fair Games

One way to verify if a cryptocurrency gambling site is legitimate is to see if it is provably fair. As the virtual currency use increased, it became necessary for operators to offer gamblers a method to prove games are fair. Blockchain technology makes it easy to build trust, which is critical in online gambling. Probable fairness lets players check if games are rigged. The system uses an algorithm that enables players to track down bets. Therefore, you can tell how every coin is spent. With the large number of fraudulent casinos available, it helps when you can verify the randomness of game outcomes yourself. A provably fair casino indicates its status on the website, meaning you don’t have to look far.

The growing demand for cryptocurrency casinos has led to more operators supporting virtual currencies. Although gambling with digital coins is not all that different from traditional online gambling, you should still be careful when picking a casino. Learn what makes crypto gaming websites unique and add those features to your selection criteria. Remember, the ambiguous regulation of blockchain transactions in many regions allows unsavoury gambling operators to get away with unfair practices. Therefore, be cautious about which site your trust.

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