The real life of international students in Australia

In recent years, Australia has been one of the most popular countries for students to study abroad. There are many people who go to study in Australia every year. Everyone knows that Australia has a beautiful environment and a high level of education, but many students and their parents are still relatively unfamiliar with the specifics of studying abroad in Australia.

Study life

During studying in Australia, in addition to the content of the language center, international students still need to find opportunities to listen and practice English more. Participating in the weekly activities organized by the church in the school is one way. Church activities for Westerners can help international students understand local society. In addition, international students can participate in exchange programs for local and international students at the school.

Of course, the primary task of international students going to Australia is to study. Tuition fees in Australia are calculated by credits, so every point is very “precious”. The tuition fee of an ordinary university in Australia is about 30,000 Australian dollars per year, which is paid by semester. Most international students who come to Australia for the first time have 3-4 classes a week. Therefore, there is more spare time to work or develop hobbies.

Part of the course time in Australia can be chosen by yourself, so you can also choose a suitable time according to your work and rest habits and accommodation situation. But don’t skip class. In Australia, coursework is often arranged in groups, so it is also very important to find a reliable group member. Group discussions are usually held after class in the school’s discussion room. If you miss this time, it will be very difficult for group members to find each other, so we should cherish every opportunity for discussion.  

Accommodation problem

Homestay: Due to different lifestyles, international students who choose homestay families should respect the landlord’s habits, and try not to return late.

School dormitories: The management of university dormitories in Australia is not very strict. They are generally independent bedrooms, usually with shared public facilities. The distance is basically close to schools or shopping centers, but the price is relatively expensive. Students who choose accommodation are required to pay the accommodation fee by semester.

Renting: Renting through an agent is another common method. International students who rent a house should pay attention to the contract period and do not breach the contract. When looking for a shared tenant, you’d better choose a person you know well.

Australian schools all have housing offices. In case of unfair treatment, you must protect your rights. The school will contact the community or government departments to help solve it. If you want to move, tell your landlord at least 2 weeks in advance.


In Australia, international students can choose from many modes of transportation, among which public transportation is the main one, such as buses, trains, trams, ferries, etc. These public transports have clear timetables, everyone should remember to watch the time, so as not to miss the shift and be late.

By public transportation, you can buy weekly and monthly tickets, which will have certain discounts compared to ordinary tickets, and are suitable for students who commute to and from school every day. If international students already hold a driver’s license, they can also consider driving to school in Australia. In addition to going to school by yourself, it is also more convenient to go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities on weekends, and the road conditions in Australia are very good, even if you are a novice, you don’t have to worry. But if you want to buy a car yourself, there are many factors to consider, and you need to find someone with experience to help you look at the car together. Remember to obey the traffic rules when driving on the road.

Part-time jobs and internships

The Australian government allows international students to work part-time in their spare time. Students holding an Australian students visa can work 40 hours in two weeks during the school period and full-time during the holidays. The government and schools encourage students to work in their spare time, believing that this is a good opportunity to get in touch with the society and gain work experience. Many schools have arranged student internship courses to help students familiarize themselves with the Australian employment environment in advance. 

There are some differences in the life of different international students in Australia, but as long as they seize the opportunity, they can have a wonderful and fulfilling study abroad experience.

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