The Penalties for Possession of Illegal Drugs and Narcotics Substances in Nevada

Have you ever been busted in possession of any illegal drug? If yes, what punishment did you receive? Or do you know a person seized because of illegal substances? Drug crimes are one of the most common problems facing Nevada. A narcotics charge in Nevada is valid when a person possesses an illegal drug. Having custody of a substance can either be constructive or actual. These two concepts are core to Nevada laws and regulations. This article highlights the punishment for illegal possession of drugs in Nevada.

Some of the illegal drugs in Nevada include ecstasy, opium, heroin, and cocaine. A person can face different drug charges apart from possessing these substances. For example, an arrest can occur for owning equipment used for the production of drugs. Also, the law can charge you for using, selling, or moving illegal narcotics in/out of the country. If you face an illegal drug charge case, contact a Las Vegas drug crime lawyer for help. These law professionals have skills and knowledge in handling drug crime cases.

The Punishment

Nevada law has different penalties for varying drug possession crime cases. Keep in mind that the narcotics charge depends on the type or amount of drug. Besides, the case will also hinge on whether the defendant has a past substance offense. All drug penalties are Felony Drug offenses with the title NRS 435.336. In Nevada, drug possession convictions fall under Category D or Category E felony. A court grants a deferral of judgment to defendants who plead guilty.

As a result, the case will come to an end after the completion of the accused fine, sentencing term, or rehab. A first-time offense category E charge includes one year in jail and probation. But defendants who have more than two felony convictions get between 1-4 prison years and a $5000 fine. A third offense belongs in the category D felony. This illegal drug charge involves past convictions within the USA. So, the punishment includes a sentence of 1-4 years in Nevada State Prison. Also, the judge’s discretion fines of $5000 and an extra $20000 respectively.

Actual Possession

This concept refers to a person who has direct control of a particular drug at a specific time. For example, if you have marijuana in your fanny pack or pocket, you have actual possession of the drug.

Constructive Possession

In this case, even though you don’t have actual possession of the drug, you have the power to control it. This is a common tactic a drug lord used to supply illegal narcotics in/out of the country. A person uses power to control drug possession by themselves or through other people. For instance, if you are in the custody of illegal drugs in the trunk of your car, you can use another person to get it out. 

Joint Possession

This strategy is when more than one individual takes part in possessing the same drug.

Keep and stay away from illegal drugs to avoid felony convictions. If you find yourself convicted for possessing illegal drugs, a Drug Crime Lawyer got you.

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