The Most Effective Type of Cinema Advertisement: Is it Expensive Compared to Other Methods?

Unsurprisingly, companies are coming up with new and exciting ways to advertise their products to the public. As an advertiser, you might be wondering: which type of cinema advertisement is more effective at getting people to buy your product?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, cinema advertising proves to be more effective than any other form of advertisement. This is preferred mainly because cinemas are in a unique position; they can take advantage of three different forms of advertising simultaneously — on the screen before and during the movie trailer, in the theatre itself during trailers, or television commercials before a movie begins and in posters outside of cinemas.

On-screen videos before and during the movie trailer are the most effective. These advertisements tend to be placed on screen before and during the movie trailer. The cinema has a captive audience of its own, so it can advertise during a time when people are already focused on the movie. 

The on-screen videos are typically short advertisements, lasting only about three minutes. This short length is also highly beneficial for advertisers. The high impact and unique nature of these ads make them much easier to remember, making them more likely to recall the brand when they see it in a store. It also makes it much easier to target the advertisement’s message and more likely that the intended audience will not miss it.

They are also very effective because they have a captive audience, making them more memorable. For example, when you are watching a sporting event, you might be paying attention to an ad that flashes up on the screen for 20 seconds during a break in play. It is just one of many things in the exact moment that you are trying to pay attention to, so there are many distractions and chances that you will miss it or not see its value.

When the advertisement comes up right next to the place where you’re watching your movie, and you’re doing nothing but focusing on what happens on screen (or what other people are doing), you are much more likely to pay attention and remember it. That’s why so many product advertisements are shown during the movie trailer. It is the most effective way to get your advertisement in front of a captive audience (because an audience is captive when they have paid to see a film or event).

Is it expensive compared to other methods of cinema advertisements?

Other forms of cinema advertisements include:

  1. On-screen images.
  2. Posters outside of cinemas.
  3. Behind-the-seat posters.
  4. Adverts on LED screens.

Compared to these others, on-screen videos can be expensive because these advertisements happen in the cinema theatre; the entire audience must watch them. You might also be charged by the number of times the advertisement plays, meaning you need to pay more for each view.

For example, a cinema might charge $1 per view for one of these advertisements. This means you’re paying an extra $1 per movie to advertise on-screen in the cinema — something you would usually spend when advertising on television. The advantage of this method is that people are paying attention inside the theatre because they want to see the movie, so they will be much more likely to notice and remember your advertisement. Likely, they would also pay more attention if it were on television where there are many other sources of distractions in their living room — something that can’t happen in a cinema.

But don’t let this deter you because this method is also very effective at converting viewers into customers. It’s based on the fact that cinema advertisement is in a unique position to reach movie-goers, who are otherwise not in a buying mindset when they’re watching a movie. 


In conclusion, on-screen videos are very effective because they are more likely to capture an audience’s attention than other cinema advertisements. You get a bang for your buck, and the audience is captive, so they will not miss the advertisement. So, when you consider advertising in a cinema: whether with an exclusive cinema campaign, on-screen videos will be the most effective method for getting attention inside the cinema. Be sure to make a creative video that will be intriguing for your target audience and will likely be remembered by those who are watching.

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