After decades of exemption from the legal sphere of the economy, cannabis is gradually establishing itself in mainstream business. Despite this new development, the legal cannabis industry is still not void of challenges. Operating a socially responsible, legally compliant, and fiscally sound cannabis retail outlet is not a walk in the park, see everything at Homegrown Cannabis Co. It is, however, not an impossible feat, but only a few can attain this goal. These are the problems dispensaries face and requisite solutions to circumvent them.


A large part of the general public still believes that cannabis and medical marijuana should be illegal. The U.S. cannabis space remains tricky for cannabis companies and investors significantly because cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. The uncertainty shrouding the business at the national level is perhaps the most significant challenge facing cannabis. Strictly speaking, the legalization process is far from complete, and this instability affects small cannabis businesses or cannabis retailers. 

Although the legal landscape seems to be shifting in a more favorable direction for cannabis, it is not entirely accommodating yet. Accordingly, federally insured banks are hesitant to work with cannabis businesses because of the added scrutiny it poses. It is nearly impossible for a dispensary or marijuana-related business to open a bank account for their business. Cannabis retailers have to find payment options as a substitute.

The difficulty of marketing on Social Media

Today, Social media is a necessary tool for all businesses. When it comes to the legal cannabis industry, social media for dispensaries makes a cannabis business stand out among the crowd. However, numerous restrictions make it complicated to advertise a cannabis business on social media. 

This restriction poses a difficulty in marketing cannabis business online. Because dispensaries automatically violate the terms of use on practically all social media sites, many have unexpectedly lost their Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube pages. To circumvent this problem, you need an expert that can use social media to drive traffic to your website without getting banned. Even though most paid advertising opportunities are off the table, many dispensaries are still crushing it on social media. 

Occupational Hazards

Several issues could arise while working with marijuana, depending on an individual’s tasks. Dangers and health issues are lead concerns regarding the occupational hazards of those working in the cannabis industry. They risk exposure to biological, chemical, and even physical dangers as they work on the job. 

People employed for Cannabis cultivation jobs also insist that the cultivating and harvesting jobs can be physically grueling despite the low pay. However, by adhering to the guidelines provided for workers’ safety and health in the marijuana industry, environments that produce and distribute cannabis can be easily regulated and controlled to avoid occupational hazards. 

The issue of Compliance

The legal cannabis industry is so fraught with regulations that dispensaries are obligated to obey. Every state where cannabis has been legalized has its laws and regulations subject to frequent changes. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to the government shutting down a dispensary or revoking its license. Standard compliance rules include:

  • Track and trace.
  • Customer eligibility.
  • Transaction limits for purchasers.
  • Specific packaging regulations.
  • Regular excise tax payment. 

Distribution and Supply Issues

Retailers suffer when there is not sufficient production to satisfy demand. Visit for more cannabis products. Insufficient production leads to the inability of licensed shops to obtain supplies of cannabis for several days and having to turn away customers. These customers, unable to purchase their marijuana as promised, head to the black market. 

As a solution to this, the Incorporation of technology in a cannabis business can create smooth running and flexible supply and delivery and channels. Agencies offer different solutions that could make the methods of selling cannabis and CBD much simpler. For instance, Dispensaries can improve customer satisfaction with Medical cannabis delivery, providing speedy and safe delivery of products to the consumer. 

Staffing the Dispensary

Finding excellent employees for dispensaries can pose a challenge, especially since most cannabis job descriptions require specific technical know-how, experience, and the right personality. More importantly, retaining dedicated employees is instrumental to the longevity of any business. Once you find great employees, ensure you take active steps to maintain them. 

It astonishes that less than three decades ago, the legal cannabis industry did not even exist. First came the use of cannabis as a medical drug, then for recreational purposes, and subsequently as raw materials for various derivative products. Although the industry has experienced significant improvement over the years, it faces multiple operational and institutional challenges. With these guidelines gleaned from the experience and advice of industry experts, cannabis retailers can gain the necessary knowledge on how to keep their doors open. Also, we can get help from CBD school.

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