The Key to Keyboard Customization: Why Keycaps Are So Important


For mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, customizing their keyboards is a creative outlet full of possibilities. And at the heart of most custom keyboard projects lies the keycaps – an often underestimated component that makes all the difference. Interchanging keycaps can transform the entire look, feel, and experience of typing on a keyboard. In this article, we’ll explore 5 key reasons why keycaps are the key to keyboard customization.

Reason #1: Keycaps Dictate the Overall Aesthetic

First and foremost, the keycaps have the biggest visual impact on a keyboard’s aesthetics. Whether you prefer minimalism or vivid colors, uniform or mismatched, the keycaps bring your keyboard theme to life. Premium keycap sets made of thick PBT plastic come in diverse colorways with crisp, molded legends. The shape and profile add another aesthetic dimension as well. So if you’re going for a specific vibe – be it retro, sci-fi or nature-inspired – the right keycaps make or break achieving the visual design.

Reason #2: Keycaps Provide Tactile Feedback

Beyond just looks, keycaps majorly influence the typing feel and sound signature of a keyboard. Their material composition and thickness plays a big role here. Thick, textured PBT keycaps provide a richer tactile feedback compared to thin ABS. Their durability and signature “thock” sound makes PBT a popular choice for mechanical keyboarders. The profile and sculpting of the keycaps impacts ergonomics as well during long typing sessions. So upgrading to higher quality keycaps directly enhances tactility.

Reason #3: Creativity and Customization Potential

One of the biggest appeals of mechanical keyboards is the creative possibilities. And keycaps enable maximum creative expression through color mixing, novelties, unique fonts and custom legends. Enthusiasts can design fully customized keycap sets to showcase their personality on their keyboards. From anime themes to minimalist fonts – if you can dream it, it can be printed on a keycap set! This endless flexibility for innovation is what makes keycaps a customizer’s playground.

Reason #4: Interchangeability and Reusability

Unlike keyboards themselves, keycaps are designed to be easily removable and interchangeable across different boards. This gives keyboarders the flexibility to hotswap keycaps whenever they want to change up styles without replacing entire keyboards. It also makes keycaps reusable across keyboard upgrades. As enthusiasts iterate to new boards, they can bring their beloved, high-quality keycaps along for the ride. This longevity and reusability makes investing in great keycaps worthwhile.

Reason #5: Resale Value Potential

Finally, keycaps hold their value reasonably well in the enthusiast secondary market due to theircollectibility and reusable nature. Hard-to-find, limited edition sets made of durable PBT can resell for well above retail. Even more niche artisan keycaps crafted by community artists fetch impressively high prices at group buys and auctions when availability is ultra-low. So for keyboard fans looking to liquidate parts of their collection someday, keycaps tend to cash out better than most keyboard components.


For all these reasons, keycaps form the creative backbone of keyboard customization projects. They enable enthusiasts to dictate the aesthetics, haptics, sounds, themes and long-term value of their custom boards. Whether upgrading an existing keyboard or building a new one from scratch, finding the right keycaps brings the whole vision together. So when embarking on your next keyboard endeavor, be sure to show your keycaps some love!

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