The Importance of Deworming Your Cat

Worming is a need for all feline friends. Even indoor-only cats can get worms from human footwear or the fleas they ingest when grooming themselves (more than half of a cat’s flea population is consumed while grooming). 

Choosing the correct cat wormer might be a challenge. Just because your cat has worms doesn’t mean you should treat it. Is the flea and tick treatment safe to administer alongside your cat’s worming medication? 

Worm infections in cats are harmful and often lethal if not treated promptly. To add insult to injury, several of these worms are zoonotic, meaning that people, especially children, can contract them from cats. Your cat’s health, as well as your own and your family’s, depends on regular deworming. 

If You Have a Cat, How Often Do You Need to Deworm It? 

  • Adult cats: It is recommended to be dewormed at least once every three months. Deworming is typically done four times a year, once at the beginning of each season. 
  • Fierce predators that produce many kittens: Cats with a prey drive are more vulnerable to parasite infections because they are more likely to consume infected rodents, such as mice. This is why vets typically recommend monthly deworming for feline patients. 
  • Kittens: It is suggested that you see your veterinarian as soon as possible to arrange a cat wormer strategy based on the needs of your weaned kitten if you are unsure whether or when it was last dewormed. 

What Are the Benefits of Deworming Your Cat? 

Cat wormer is prescribed to prevent and treat intestinal worms in feline patients. Deworming your cat means eliminating the parasites that have established themselves in your pet’s digestive system. 

If the mother cat wasn’t properly dewormed, the kittens might be exposed to worms before they were even born. Pregnant queens should be given medication to reduce the risk of parasites being passed on to their unborn kittens. The parasites can cause major digestive issues in adult cats as well. 

Cats can contract roundworms by consuming infected prey in polluted environments, including grass, sand, and dirt. The disease can also be spread by coming into contact with infected surfaces. Symptoms of cat illness include vomiting, diarrhea with blood, and a distended abdomen. The parasites are easy to identify because they resemble grains of rice. 

If you deworm your cat regularly, the worms won’t have time to multiply and spread throughout its digestive system. Making sure your cat is safe also means your family is safe. Old and young cats are more vulnerable to this sickness and can become infected quickly after contracting the parasite. 

What Kind of Wormer Should You Use?

Different worming treatments, like pills and spot-on, can be administered differently to your cat. The best option for your cat can be determined by consulting your veterinarian. 


Tablets are the most popular kind of worming medication for cats. 


Spot-on cat wormer is administered by placing a few drops on the cat’s neck, just behind the head, like that used for flea treatments. 

Granules or Paste 

If you prefer to mix your cat’s worming medication into their food rather than giving it to them in pill or drop form, there is another alternative. 

In Conclusion

Most individuals feel uneasy when they think of worms. And yet, as a cat owner, you should be highly vigilant in monitoring these parasites. When worms are present, a kitten’s growth might slow down, and it can show signs of deficiency. Even while adult cats aren’t as vulnerable, deworming them is still important.


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