The Definitive Guide to Select the Ideal Bed & Mattress

Buying a new perfect mattress is overwhelming when you have so many options to choose from. Choosing a mattress is ultimately a matter of choice for every individual. Meanwhile, it is also an exhausting task as it includes store and websites navigation, debating between springs and foam, a reasonable budget, and determining the mattress size that suits you. Having enough and good sleep is the best way to maintain and improve your health factors. Unfortunately, many people face sleepless and achy mornings by making the wrong choice. Getting a new mattress is a sizeable investment, so take this step wisely and read the mattress unbiased reviews at mattress firm pillows to select the ideal bed & mattresses.

Here we have arranged everything you need to know before getting a new mattress.

Do You Need to Replace Your Mattress?

Many people prefer to change their beddings after a few years, and that’s satisfactory if you can afford it. Generally, most mattresses have a life of 7 to 10 years as it depends on their quality material.

Look for the following four signs of your comfortable mattress to figure out that you need to replace your mattress:

  • Your Mattress Age
  • Mattress Quality
  • Uncomfortable Mornings
  • Mattress Deformation

 Determine your Budget

Don’t just follow the cheapest one. This is a thumb rule for most of the products you are going to buy online. For example, in $500 for a queen-size mattress, you will only grab low durability, extra toxins, back and neck pain, and lower sleep quality. On the other hand, you should know that expensive mattresses don’t mean higher quality. Good mattresses may cost more than a few hundred dollars, so choose a mattress worth your investment on

Choose Your Ideal Type

Before grabbing your new mattress, acquaint yourself with the high quality most common mattress types and decide which suits you the best:

  • Innerspring Mattresses- often use coils, provides you strong support and a traditional bounce feel. 
  • Latex Mattresses- generally give more responsiveness and bounce than innerspring mattresses, also providing a cooling effect.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses- are designed specially to contour your body, which may lead to pressure relief.
  • Hybrid Mattresses- combine the latex layers and memory foam over an innerspring mattress that aims to provide you a mix of feelings of softness and support.

Mattresses are rated on firmness level. Generally, a mattress that is too soft and old may not maintain the spine level so well.

Determine Your Ideal Sleeping Position and Firmness

  • Your sleeping position is the key that will help you choose a reliable mattress. In addition, your body needs support for spinal alignment that is based on your sleeping position. 
  • Back Sleepers: All pressure goes to the lower back. Need a medium-firm mattress. 
  • Side Sleepers: Have sharp pressure at body widths, mainly at hips and shoulders. Need medium-soft to the medium-firm mattress. 
  • Stomach Sleepers: Like back sleepers, puts pressure on the lumbar spine. Need a firm mattress to avoid suffocation.
  • Combination Sleepers: More than one position at night. Medium-firm is best across all the sleeping positions. Also, look for a mattress that offers easy movements.

Consider Your Weight as a Factor

While choosing a  Orthomattress, you should also consider your weight as an essential factor as sinkage, cooling, feel, hug, and support of the bed are affected by your weight. So let’s break the weight category into each class as follows: 

  • Light Weight (Less than 150 pounds) – Need a medium-firm bed about 5-6 firmness range so that your body doesn’t sink too much. For a softer feel, you can opt for a 3-4 firmness level that gives you soft and plush options. 
  • Average Weight (150 to 200 pounds) – Like the previous category, average weighted people can also go for 5-7 firmness level, and softer feel can opt the range of 3-5 firmness. 
  • Heavier Weight (200+) – Because of the more back pressure, look forward to the firm options. Choose a 12’’ thick mattress for good comfort and support. If you are facing cooling problems, you ought to consider coil mattresses. 

Final Words

 Ask yourself, Is your Mattress a Package of Comfort? 

If No, then find your dream mattress. It will help to keep things focused on what you need. Pay attention to the most important factors of your body type and the way you sleep. Picking up the right mattress may require time and effort, but this effort is well worth it. Likewise, choosing the right mattress that will suit you may need some time and effort; nevertheless, this effort is usually well worth it.

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