The Best Wireless Earbuds in the Market Nowadays: Honor Choice Earbuds X

In the Sept end, Honor gave away the Honor Choice Earbuds X. Although it has classical functionality, the headset has a couple of fancies up its sleeve. The 1st is the battery life (adequate to 6 hrs on a single charge), the 2nd is a suitable price tag, just about $40. Here are its bragging features, which make it classifiable.


Although Honor Choice Earbuds X is solely getting set up for sales events in a lot of marketplaces, the edition can be bought for about $39.99 in the accredited Honor store on AliExpress.

Design and Materials:

The buds are available in 2 reasonably varied colors – black and white. We have the ordinal choice on review. The new earbuds charging case resembles an angled box with ringed corners and borders. The charging case is built up of high-quality glazed plastic.

In that respect, there is an LED indicator nearer to the bottomland. The flasher blinks blue while opening the case and flashes the color changing the earbuds to coupling mode. It lights up reddish as the charge is low and right away during charging. At the junction between the case head and the bare body of the case, a flimsy recess is allowed to make it better-heeled to open the case.

Ergonomics and Consolation of Use:

The Honor Choice Earbuds X are gentle. The headset is light (simply 4.3 g per earpiece) and pack; it does not interfere at all, and you will be able to employ it without any botheration for hrs.

Pairing with a Phone:                            

The Choice Earbuds X is a spic-and-span model, so buds are not yet approachable in the AI Life app, which abides the Honor Magic Earbuds and the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite connect. This holds still for that you have to communicate at once thru Bluetooth. To do so, open the charging case with the buds within and hold the push button on the case for 2 seconds. Later that, they exchange to the pairing way and are brought about to connect.

Headset Characteristic:

As for employing Honor Choice Earbuds X for mobile phone conversations, the headset run is broadly the atonic point in the most budget TWS. This did not add together as a surprisal in Earbuds X.

Battery Life:

The battery potentiality of the charging case is just about 500 mAh, and each earphone has a different 40 mAh. On a split upcharge, the earphones can hold out to 4 hrs in calling mode and adequate to 6 hrs in music playback mode at 50% volume. The total battery life bangs up to 28 hrs with the charging case.

Finding of Fact:

The Honor Choice Earbuds X are first-class basic TWS earbuds. They have a subtle design, admonitory ergonomics, truly decent sound with hi-fi bass, which is peculiar for budget earphones and first-class battery life. So much compounding in the order up to $50 is not easy to line up. Yeah, there are a couple of issues with noise reduction in conversations, but in this regard, similar problems arise with much more high-priced models. The Earbuds X is incisively a 1st TWS and will undoubtedly attract more experienced users who do not need ANC, auto-pause, wireless charging, and different flagship characteristics.

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