The Best Weed Strains You Must Try Out

Smoking marijuana is popular for several reasons, including the creative high it provides as one of the best weed delivery. It helps to make your thoughts clear and inspire your best ideas while also giving you the will to really put those ideas into action. 

It can take a lot of effort to research which cannabis strains can inspire your imagination, given the wide range of marijuana strains available at the market. Therefore, to help you, here is a list of energizing strains that you should definitely try out to feel like you are on the top of the world. You can find these strains at any recreational dispensary.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a classic Sativa marijuana strain that rose to prominence in the early 1990s and has become a best seller since then. This strain is a favorite among Sativa smokers because it is potent, stimulating, and euphoric. Sour diesel is well-known for its earthy and pungent scents, as well as for its diesel profile.

Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies have a flavor that is similar to white tahoe cookies with a faint skunky earthiness at the end. People use this highly renowned medical variety of marijuana to treat a wide range of problems, with stress alleviation being one of the most common of them. Take a break whenever you feel yourself becoming overly tense and serve yourself some Platinum Cookies. Your stress will be reduced to a low rumble by a few Platinum Cookies, allowing you to concentrate on solving the problem rather than dwelling on it.

Super Silver Haze

When it comes to recommendations for the daytime, Super Silver Haze is one of the best suggestions. This is due to the fact that this Shiva Skunk x Northern Lights #5 hybrid typically gives users a strong energy high that makes their imagination go wild. If you can control the high, you can put that energy toward recreating art that you have been procrastinating.

Cinderella 99

The citrus flavor of Cinderella 99 is both sweet and tart, tasting something like lemonade. This strain is renowned for being a powerfully stimulating one. It can feel great to sit and relax in one spot while enjoying Cindrella 99, but  this strain won’t let you remain seated firmly. The energizing wave of the strain can keep you on your toes all night and make you rock the floor.

White Widow

White Widow smells strongly like wood and soil. It has a forest-like flavor and aroma. This strain is known for its capacity to help you open up and make friends. In fact, it’s one of the marijuana strains that Dutch coffee shops stock the most. This strain induces a desire to converse with the person seated next to you.

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is a well-known Sativa strain from Jamaica that has been described as being earthy, pungent, and woody. It is said to have been a favorite of Bob Marley. This is a good choice for people seeking energetic and refreshing effects. This strain is ideal for an outdoor adventure. 

Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla frosting is a very sweet marijuana strain. This strain is ideal for those times when you need to express your creativity. It could be ideal for use before writing a song, composing a tune, knitting a sweater and etc. You can become the most creative and motivated version of yourself with the help of this strain.

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