The best rom-com movies from 2000-2020

Everyone loves a great rom-com movie, and nothing beats having a chilled-out girls’ night with your friends and clicking the TV on to embark on a cinematic experience. However, streaming service platforms can be somewhat daunting at times due to their large amount of content. It can be a difficult process navigating your way around these, first-world problems! If you are lucky, you may catch a popular classic on one of your favorite TV channels, for TV aerial installation, however, if you are anything like us, Netflix will surely be your first port of call. Now without further ado, let’s jump straight into some of the best rom-com movies from 2000-2021. 

She’s the Man 

With an undying passion for soccer, Viola Hastings is devastated after finding out that her school has cut the girls’ team, and with no hope of joining the boys’ team, her only option now is to imitate her brother. Upon moving to her new school, as if the struggle of being and acting like a boy isn’t enough, she begins to develop feelings for her roommate and teammate Duke. In an attempt to lead two lives to become romantically invested in him, Viola ends up all over the place, and events take a turn for the worst when her brother unexpectedly shows up at the school, which throws a major spanner in the works.  

Five Feet Apart 

If you are a fan of The Fault in Our Stars, you are bound to be a fan of Five Feet Apart. With a similar storyline, this teen romantic drama focuses on two teens, who are both suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, as they develop feelings for one another, but due to their illness, cannot come in close contact. Stella and Will eventually learn together that they are entitled to some freedom and decide to flex the rules. As Cystic Fibrosis sufferers are informed to stay at least six feet apart, their love for one another leads to them becoming five feet apart, and eventually face to face as both of their lives are put at risk as a consequence of love and compassion. 

What Happens in Vegas 

Winning a three-million-dollar jackpot when you are hungover is every couple’s dream come true, isn’t it? Well, not if you are Jack and Joy who were married the night before and have deep regrets. To evenly split the money, the court decides that they must attempt the marriage, and with an ongoing attempt to sabotage one another, it is clear that love wins in the end when they realize that they are, in fact, extremely compatible with one another.  


This musical romantic comedy features multiple prominent actors and actresses including Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, John Travolta, Queen Latifah, and Nikki Blonsky, being one of the main reasons it received so much acclamation. Set in 1960s Baltimore, the film focuses on a young Tracy Turnblad, who lands a position in the creditable Corny Collins show as a dancer and falls in love with lead dancer Link, played by Zac Efron. As well as being one of the best rom-com movies of the 2000s, the show features a strong theme of equality and the importance of diversity within the 60s era.  

High School Musical 

The Disney favorite, High School Musical, focuses on a group of high school teens as they move through life in school with several musical performances, just as the title explains, right? As a romantic connection sparks between Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, they both decide to audition for the school upcoming musical as they both have a shared passion for singing, however, the school bad girl, Sharpay Evans, who also takes interest in Troy romantically, will not let anyone else step in her way. Featuring basketball boys, the decathlon team, the drama club, and oh, crème Brulee, this classic will never get old no matter how much older we get! 

The Half of It 

We all love a good Netflix Original, and The Half of It is a 2020 favorite in the best rom-com movies sector. Lonely high school student Ellie Chu supports her widowed father financially by assisting with homework papers across her school, but when approached by incoherent football player Paul, he asks if she can write letters to his crush, which she decides to decline. After rethinking the offer due to further financial struggles she agrees to meet his needs however, complications arise when Ellie develops feelings for Paul’s crush, and well, Paul develops feelings for Ellie. It’s all slightly complicated however, we are sure you will get the gist of this modern-day love story when watching it.  

The Notebook 

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling star as two lovers within this 1940s based love story taking place in South Carolina. The pair confess their love for one another after meeting at a carnival before realizing that their social differences prohibit them from being with one another long term. As the year’s progress, they both move on with their lives, even though Noah (Gosling) writes Allie (McAdams) 365 letters confessing his love to later be told that they were captured by her mother. Once they are finally reunited, their love reparks, and with a scene change to modern-day life, the audience is left in awe, and tears, at this iconic love story. Truly one of the best rom-com movies ever made.  

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