The Best Dog Breeds For Children

Without a doubt, pets have become a member of the family. For centuries, the dog has been considered man’s best friend and every day they are more valued, because beyond providing fun and company, their presence has a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health.

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Currently, the relationship between a dog and its owner can become so close that it even exceeds the one many have with other people. It has been shown that having a pet is a great remedy against depression because its company increases the feeling of security and protection. If you wanna own a pet here you can take a look at the calmest dog breeds.

Qualities of pets, such as loyalty, affection and joy, are transmitted to human beings, providing them with social skills that are reflected in better interaction and coexistence with living beings.

Likewise, according to the specialized portal Red Canina, there are some breeds that have characteristics that make them able to live with children better than others, because, although most have these peculiarities, some are more affectionate, active and patient, which makes them ideal to be with an infant. Visit MeSDogLover to read more articles on dogs.

Some of these races, depending on the medium, are:

  1. Beagle: They can be one of the most loving breeds out there. They are so restless and playful that if they are alone, they get bored, so they could be the ideal companion for a child. Rigorous care is important so that it does not become overprotective.
  2. Boxer: they are cheerful and restless dogs, although they are also measured. They are usually known for their patience, which makes them one of the most recommended breeds for boys. They are also protective, loving, loyal and good companions.
  3. Labrador or Golden Retriever: Due to their exceptional affability, gentleness, energy and kindness, these breeds are considered good company for people of all ages. They are recognized among the most intelligent dogs for their ability to train and obey on command.
  4. Poodle: also known as poodle, it is one of the best known in the world, due to its elegance, intelligence and balanced character. In addition, this breed can be found in four sizes: toy, dwarf, medium (or standard), and giant.
  5. Collie: In general, this breed enjoys doing all kinds of activities. In fact, you need to be able to exercise intensely on a daily basis. They get along well with children and other pets, but they definitely don’t like being alone.

Signs that indicate a dog is happy

The specialized portal Zooplus has listed a series of behaviors with which it is possible to decipher, as a guide, if a dog loves his master or not. The important thing is to spend time with the canine to get to know him thoroughly.

It is always by the side: a dog that wants to be by the side of a person most of the time, shows happiness and affection with that individual. This does not mean that it is not good for him or her to be in her own space, such as her bed, at some point during the day.

It is not afraid of being alone: ​​if after spending time with the owner at home, for example, the dog shows calm when the owner has to leave, this means that the animal trusts its surroundings and that it knows that the owner will return.

Gives gifts: to get the owner’s attention, the dog often brings his favorite toys to the owner to enter a game or simply to show appreciation.

Tail Wagging: When the canines wag their tails vigorously from side to side, they show great joy. “If the dog is scared, the tail will be lower and stiffer,” explains Zooplus.

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