The Basic Steps to Follow in a Fantasy Cricket Game on 11 wickets

The most loved sport in India requires no prologue. All, despite his or her age, have a liking for this game. Truly, the craze of cricket in India is dramatic. Every time India plays a match, people in India find some or the other way out of their busy routines to view the live action. In India, cricket is God himself. With the introduction of a virtual version of cricket, the craze for this game is taken to a new level. People of all age groups; enjoy an online fantasy cricket game. Each person makes their own team and gets points on the basis of the performance of the player in real matches.

Let us explore the steps to win this game

1.     To begin with fantasy cricket tips, you ought to be well aware about the performance of the players in real matches. As, your points rely on their real-life performance; you require to know the prior records of the players that form your team. You ought to know the strengths and flaws of the players in your team. You can refer to the prior performances of the players. Many sites keep a record of the statistics of the players. You can check them out and if you have doubts, you can compare the records at other sites

2.     At times, a player might not be good on the field but might be priced higher only due to his popularity. Don’t fall prey to those players. Bear in mind, your points rely on the performance of the player in the fantasy sports match and not on their fame. Also, select your team captain cleverly. It is always favoured that your captain is an all-rounder; this is for the points obtained by the captain are doubled. Thus, if your captain performs well, you get double the points and if not, you lose double the points.

3.     Always hit an apt balance in your team players. Ensure that your team has an ample number of bowlers, batsmen and all-rounders. If your team is unstable, it can influence your overall points. It is always ideal to have more all-rounders in your fantasy cricket team, as all-rounders get points from every side.

4.     Knowing the pitch conditions adds to a good plan as well. Pick a player that knows how to deal with diverse pitch conditions and is a master at overseeing the team. The ideal way to know this is going back to the statistics and performances of the players in earlier matches. Selecting the correct players and managing the available players well is the main essence of fantasy league.

5.     Picking the right bowlers is another crucial element of acting at an online fantasy cricket game. Pick bowlers that bowl the dead overs. In this manner, you get more points as the bowler bowls a maiden over. A game of Indian fantasy cricket isn’t rocket science nevertheless! The game is mostly about efficient resource management.

The Joy of Fantasy Cricket League

If you are a big fan of cricket and clap each time your favourite player hits sixes, then there is a far more exciting online world that’s waiting for you. You will get here a chance of not only rewarding your favourite player but also you will be able to drop non performers from your team. I am talking about fantasy cricket. People like you should enter this very thrilling world of fantasy games. It gives lots of pain to see an out of form player being again picked in a team. You should not worry at all. Once you select your fantasy team you can easily drop and reject such players any time you wish.

At least a few billions of users and fans can be expected as of now on these sites. It fully authorises the user to select their own players and drop others. You are free to choose your favourite cricketers belonging to various teams for your fantasy team. The fantasy cricket league is a championship that allows the user to get some real simulating effect while playing such matches virtually. At every big tournament, fantasy games are organised for the fans to enjoy cricket more heartily. Fantasy matches do not mean hitting big sixes and taking wickets only. It is much more than that. Users have to use their mind for each step they take throughout the fantasy tournament.

You might have come across these leagues during IPL and other T-20 championships. This fantasy championship gives the user an opportunity to choose a team according to his best judgement. User should select his team very cautiously since in fantasy matches, current performance matters more than the past record.

In fantasy league, every user chooses his team with 10 cricketers. These current cricketers must be representing their respective nation at real tournaments like the world cup, champion’s trophy, etc. Now the fantasy team will get points for each score or 100 done by his players at real matches on the ground. You can also look for today IPL match playing 11 and place your team. Playing fantasy cricket is a fully legal and lawful activity. Cricket playing nations like England, Australia and India have a high fan base of fantasy games. These games are extremely popular here. Even in a powerful country like the USA, online fantasy games have been kept outside the purview of law. On the other hand, gambling and betting are totally unlawful activity and based upon blank speculation only.

If you want to participate in a league like this, just go and register yourself first and then select your team wisely. Remember you are actually getting an opportunity to be a selector of some real cricketers in your fantasy team. Just enjoy it.

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