The 6 Best Microsoft Programs for Businesses

Did you know that Microsoft programs are used by over 1 million businesses across the world? Businesses have discovered the value that comes with investing in the best Microsoft products and Microsoft Office programs.

This is especially true for the programs created by Microsoft for business purposes, like the Microsoft Program Manager. The benefits of the programs that Microsoft provides to businesses are effective and widespread, and there are many ways that they’ll work with your business.

If you’re wondering about how Microsoft programs can help you, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn more about the Microsoft programs list of the best programs that your business needs to utilize today.

1. Microsoft Azure

With more and more types of software going to a cloud-based server, it is no surprise that Microsoft followed suit. That is the origin of Microsoft Azure, which is offered in two different variants. You can get Microsoft Azure for your business in a platform-as-a-service or an infrastructure-as-a-service program.

It is a popular choice for developers that work to create new apps using the company’s coding tools that are at their disposal. Azure is a popular choice for businesses because it provides them a way to save money and work in a quicker manner. It is also a great way to integrate the data that your company uses.

Azure comes with a hybrid cloud solution that allows your business to choose to use both a cloud-based server and a local server for storing all of your data. These hybrid clouds allow for the most cost-effective solution when it comes to data storage and backing up your company’s data. Check out this azure resource group to learn more.

2. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft hit a grand slam when they opted to move their popular Microsoft Office software to the cloud. This move culminated in Microsoft Office 365 and it is a great choice for your business because it allows your employees to access their email and calendar on the go.

It is also popular given the need to work on a remote basis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft Office 365 allows your employees to access and use apps no matter where they are in the world as long as they have a connection to the internet. Your employees can also get together through online conferences on Microsoft Teams.

The Office 365 package is a popular choice for companies around the world because it comes with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and more.

The biggest benefit that Microsoft Office 365 offers is the ability to work at a high level of productivity while on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from a Mac, a PC, or a mobile device.

3. Microsoft Windows Intune

Windows Intune is another cloud service offered by Microsoft and what makes it valuable to a business is its ability to help manage a host of devices across both the cloud as well as through Microsoft’s web services.

It is also great because it is compatible with every major operating system in use today. It works seamlessly with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Because the high level of compatibility it is easier than ever to monitor mobile devices and personal computers all from one central location.

The devices in use are capable of being configured to suit the rules put in place by the organization. In addition, the Windows Intune app allows the users to work from anywhere while still providing a great deal of security for the data that you use. It is great for organizations that want to stay completely with a Windows-oriented software system.

4. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server has been popular ever since it hit the market, and with good reason. It is a great option on the Microsoft programs list because it provides the highest level of security. This makes it a great choice for organizations that are hesitant about making the switch to a cloud-based program or server due to security issues.

Microsoft’s SQL server provides a bunch of benefits like the ability to manage the SQL databases on a private section of the cloud. It also comes with a much higher level of customization and management when it comes to the apps that your organization uses. 

5. Enterprise Mobility Suite

Another great Microsoft program is the Enterprise Mobility Suite. This program allows Microsoft users to make use of existing Microsoft programs like Azure and Intune as a means to manage different devices from one centralized location. Mobility Suite works hand-in-hand with the features that Intune provides. 

Meanwhile, Mobility Suite also helps you protect and manage your data using Microsoft Azure’s Rights Management feature. This product is pretty new on the market but it is a great option for smaller businesses that are seeking a hybrid cloud setup for their organizational structure.

6. Microsoft Visual Studio

Another great cloud-based Microsoft program, Microsoft Visual Studio is a perfect program for developers that need a way to manage their code. It also helps them access their work and the things they’ve built on a cloud-based server. There is even the option of a multi-device hybrid apps extension. This extension helps your developers create apps for Windows, Android, as well as iOS. 

These apps are compatible with standard web browsers as well as with Apache Cordova. Visual Studio gives users the ability to debug and edit any projects that they’re working on. 

Start Using These Microsoft Programs Today

There are a number of great Microsoft programs available that will help your organization or business grow and thrive. Whether you’re looking for programs tailored to help developers work more efficiently, or you’re wanting something to help monitor mobile devices and allow for remote work, there is a program for you.

There are even programs that allow businesses to operate using a hybrid cloud system. This system provides the security and flexibility that your business needs. This is especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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