Teflon O-rings: Where To Buy Them?

In an industrial setting, it is important to ensure that pipes and passages are secure, and will not leak. Hazards in the workplace are meant to be avoided, not initiated.

PTFE O-rings otherwise known as Teflon O-rings, are commonly used for sealing commercial and industrial applications to prevent air and fluid leaks.

What Are O-rings?

O-rings are the preferred seals used in machine design due to their affordable price. They are also easy to produce and reliable, especially in preventing leaks.

Like their name, they are shaped like classic donuts or hoops, and their purpose is to prevent unwanted gasses or liquids from escaping.

This mechanical seal is better than normal corks and rubber gaskets in containing leakage from very high-pressure environments.

O-rings can typically be found in pumps, cylinders, connectors, and valves,  sealing joints between separate parts. They’re used with different components: static, dynamic, hydraulic, and pneumatic, making them the number one option in construction.

A static O-ring is designed to contact two or more surfaces that do not move in proportion to one another. On the other hand, a dynamic O-ring helps build a seal between moving parts.

Static O-rings are built from less sturdy and hard-wearing materials than their dynamic counterparts.

Moreover, dynamic O-rings require a particular degree of lubricant to perform to their optimal levels. They need heavier and more frequent lubrication than static O-rings.

What Are Teflon O-rings?

Teflon O-rings are mechanical seals made of PTFE material. They consist of carbon or fluorine, providing a non-stick surface for cookware, hairstyling tools, fabric/carpet treatment, as well as windshield wiper blades.

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is generally the most used fluoropolymer material considered to have universal chemical compatibility. It also possesses a wide coverage of temperature capabilities.

There are different types of PTFE rings, one of which is the PTFE back up ring. It’s versatile and can be used in any application. They are frequently used when pressure spikes and higher temperatures are at hand.

What Are The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Teflon O-ring?

Compared to other O-rings, the version produced by Teflon is known for its durability and high heat resistance. They also have high resistance to chemical agents and solvents.

There are several attributes that a Teflon/ PTFE O-ring should have. These characteristics include:

  • Anti-adhesiveness
  • Dielectric Properties
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Non-toxicity

If you’re planning to use Teflon O-ring in marine-related applications, like in ponds, it is vital to check thoroughly for non-toxicity.

Although a wide variety of O-ring material choices are available, manufacturers still prefer Teflon/ PTFE. This is particularly evident in creating filtration systems, including biofiltration system.

Advantages Of Using Teflon O-rings

What makes Teflon O-rings stand out from the other types of O-rings is their chemical compatibility.

Teflon O-rings are corrosion resistant and are compatible with regular rubber compounds, as well as corrosive chemicals. They are also impenetrable to most industrial chemicals.

This mechanical seal has unlimited shelf-life and is not immediately prone to degradation, which makes for a worthwhile investment.

PTFE O-rings also possess wide temperature range capabilities. Where most rubber compounds easily harden, defecting their elastomeric properties, PTFE O-rings retain theirs even at low temperatures.

Here are some additional benefits of using Teflon/PTFE O-rings:

  • Teflon does not swell despite immense moisture absorption.
  • Teflon is not subject to explosive decompression.
  • The manufacturer is compliant with FDA requirements.
  • Teflon is electrical resistant.

How To Choose The Right PTFE O-ring?

When picking O-rings there are certain factors to consider to ensure their compatibility with your specific application, this includes:

  • Their operating conditions.
  • Their chemical compatibility.
  • Their sealing pressure, temperature, durometer, size, and cost.
  • You can also check the abrasion, tear, and electrical resistance properties of the O-ring.
  • Furthermore, you can also conduct appropriate field tests to assess the compatibility of the fluid, temperature, pressure, and environmental conditions with your chosen O-ring.

In factories, where different kinds of products are manufactured, it is necessary to ensure that valves and pipes are securely sealed to avoid any leaks of harmful chemicals.

This is especially true for medical-centered manufacturing, such as the production of medicines and medical injection molding parts.

Food and beverage factories are also susceptible to leaks from pipes that might end up in the food and drinks. That’s why it’s important to acquire high-quality O-rings, so that dangerous chemicals won’t find their way into the products, like bulk milk jars.

Other Types of O-rings

Even though Teflon/PTFE O-rings are the most preferred type of O-ring there are other materials to consider.

Buna-Nitrile O-ring Material

This is a type of synthetic rubber O-ring with commendable oil resistance and mediocre to good chemical resistance. It’s typically applied in fuel tanks as well as in automotive and aerospace.

EPDM O-Ring Material

Also made of synthetic rubber, this type of material provides excellent chemical and heat resistance. This is used in a variety of applications including medical devices, automotive, household appliances, and others.

Fluorosilicone O-Ring Material

This is created using saturated rubber material that endures in extreme temperatures and is resistant to fuels, oils, chemicals, solvents, and more. It’s commonly used for static sealing applications, particularly in the aerospace industry.


All industries utilize O-rings in their constructions, whether in appliances, water irrigation systems, automobiles, or even in the field of aeronautics.

They must choose the type of O-ring that is compatible with the material they intend to apply it to.

Teflon O-Rings are highly in demand in the market and are the best brand of O-Ring for you to buy.

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