Tableau Developer Salary – All Countries

Today, Tableau is one of the most sought-after data visualization and business intelligence solutions. Businesses and the information technology sector are seeing a significant impact due to the increasing emphasis on data and data-driven decisions, and business Intelligence tools are in high demand. As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, demand for Tableau developers has risen unexpectedly fast.

It’s not just large corporations recruiting Tableau developers; small businesses, e-commerce/retail enterprises, manufacturing industries, and start-ups are doing the same. Learning Tableau can lead to high-paying and well-recognized professional opportunities.

Tableau has a market share of 16.5 percent, making it the most popular data visualization tool in the BI market. To brighten your future now is the most significant moment to get some knowledge in this area! Tableau’s developer community is growing for a variety of reasons. As a result, why don’t you sign up for Tableau training?

The article here will discuss tableau developer salaries in India and other nations for experienced and freshers further in this article.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the most rapidly expanding BI and knowledge visualization tools. It’s pretty quick to set up, simple to figure out, and incredibly user-friendly.

  1. Tableau developer salary in India

Tableau is a satisfying career choice. Specialist-trained candidates stand out from the crowd and may demonstrate their abilities.

Tableau developers are in high demand, and as a result, their salaries are higher than those of similar positions. Tableau Developers earn an average pay of INR 8,39,799 per year, based on an estimate of 117 salaries from throughout the country. Indeed’s current job listings are used to compile this information.

  1. Job experience:

An experienced Tableau developer in India can expect to earn up to INR 15 lakh a year or more. One to two years of experience might earn a person INR 8 Lakh per year.

  1. Job titles:
Senior Data Analyst₹ 816,296
Software Engineer₹ 447,272
Senior Software Engineer₹ 661,488
Analytics Consultant₹ 1,033,036
Data Analyst₹ 502,774
BI Consultant₹ 602,335
BI Developer₹ 520,949
  1. Location:
Bangalore₹ 819,502
Hyderabad₹ 790,567
Delhi₹ 11,95,174
Pune₹ 923,446
Chennai₹ 830,967
  1. Tableau Developer salary in the USA

The national average income is $95,535 in the United States, with an average Tableau developer salary of $96,000. As seen by recent job posts, there is a healthy demand for Tableau developers in places like India and the United States. There is an average annual pay of $74,542 in the United States for those with the required training and certification in Tableau and a solid technical background, notably in SQL, for those just starting.

You can find tableau jobs and salaries in Glassdoor’s most recent database, which is updated frequently. The starting compensation for an entry-level tableau developer is $65,000 to $110,714 per year, depending on location. The annual salary for a Senior Tableau Developer can range from $137,500 to $157,500.

The average salary for a Tableau developer with 2-3 years of experience is $91K. Those with more than ten years of experience may expect to make an average of $158,000.

  1. Based on roles:
Business Intelligence Analyst$86,187
Data Scientist$88,000
Data Analyst$86,000
Business Intelligence Developer$100,092
Data Engineer$131,545
Data Warehouse Engineer$83,936
Analytics Manager$98,000
Analytics Consultant$85,000
  1. Job experience: $70,000 per year is the average income for a new or junior Tableau Developer. The average annual compensation for a senior tableau developer is $108,681 or $52 an hour. The average pay for those with three to four years of experience is $111,000.
  1. The UK

In the last decade, the volume of data generated by large and small companies has surpassed that of the previous decade due to the rapid growth and broad usage of the internet. A rising number of businesses are looking for a business intelligence solution that can help them analyze massive amounts of data. The average annual pay for a designer and developer in the United Kingdom is $44,000, or $22.56 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level positions is $41,000 per year, while the annual salary for the most experienced professionals is $57,500.

  1. Canada

There is currently an excellent need for Tableau Software Engineers, which will only increase in the future. Even veteran Tableau Developers may have a bright future ahead of them financially and professionally. Do you know that only 5% of Tableau customers with jobs are located in Canada? Tableau developers in Canada can expect to make an annual income ranging from C$73,427 to CA$97,000 on average, according to PayScale.

  1. Australia

With so much data being generated each year, Tableau has become a popular tool for businesses. In the world of data analysis and technical innovation, Tableau is the most powerful tool. There is a vast demand for Tableau Developers in the BI business. It costs an average of $73.58 an hour to work as a tableau developer in Australia. More experienced professionals can earn up to $205,221 per year in entry-level professions.

Tableau jobs trends

As the demand for Tableau professionals grows, more and more people are pursuing training and certification in the software. The rise in Google searches for Tableau training could signify that the demand for Tableau professionals is increasing. Taking advantage of the high demand for Tableau certification might help you make the most of your career opportunities and progress in the field of business intelligence.

Final words on Tableau developer salary

Small and large companies alike require personnel who can interact with and analyze massive amounts of data to derive valuable insights from it. Tableau is highly regarded among IT experts, as you will be astounded to learn. Statistics show that it comes in second place for data visualization and business intelligence, according to Gartner.

Because of the widespread use of Tableau, many new career opportunities have arisen, necessitating the recruitment of a diverse group of qualified Tableau professionals to fill these jobs. One of the most compelling reasons to begin a career in Tableau is the high demand for Tableau professionals and the rewarding nature of Tableau careers.

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