Stuffed Crust Pizza, Papadias& More from Papa John’s CEO

With Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO, the pizza place has made new strides in the industry. During 2020, sales skyrocketed, and customers were buying more food than ever. The company was adding new customers to its base and keeping loyal patrons satisfied.

You may wonder how it accomplished this when many businesses were struggling. As it turns out, much of its success can be attributed to its innovative menu.

How the New Menu Contributed to Papa John’s Success

The Papa John’s menu has had several additions recently, and people love them. Of course, the company’s made sure that customers old and new are aware of the changes with ample promotions. While Papa John’s hasn’t stopped its commitment to quality pizzas, it’s branched out to appeal to a wider variety of taste buds.

Easy To Order

Papa John’s has embraced online ordering, and the move has proven to be a smart one. Over the past year, ordering food via mobile platforms has increased exponentially — it’s reported that 70% of Papa John’s orders are digital. The process is streamlined, making it easy to find what you want and place your order. Then, you can pick it up from the store as carry-out or have it delivered right to your door.

Wider Range of Sides

Not everyone considers pizza a full meal, and Papa John’s understands that. The call for more sides has been answered by the company’s expansion of wings and other offerings. If you’re sharing a pizza, adding a few sides to your order can help you feel full and ensure everyone gets what they want.

Exciting Options

Papa John’s doesn’t do things halfway, which is why the new menu items offer inventive flavors. People who love to try new foods may be tempted to order a few new sides just to try them out, then get hooked by the tastiness.

What Customers Are Saying About the New Menu Items

Papa John’s owner took a risk by exploring the unknown, but it’s paid off with lots of praise for new menu items. Though the majority of additions aren’t pizza, they’re closely related and contain many of the same ingredients:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Cheese
  • Meat toppings
  • Crispy bread

Pizza lovers are likely to gravitate to these delicious items, and reviews are raving about their flavor.


Papadias are part pizza, part sandwich and all-around delicious. You can choose from four flavors:

  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Italian
  • Meatball Pepperoni
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon

They’re easy to eat and scratch that pizza itch without having to order a whole pie.

Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you love cheese, you’ll adore the Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza. It’s the perfect way to satisfy the craving for gooey, cheesy goodness.

You can turn any pizza into an Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza, opening the door to amazing meals. The crust itself is still the classic Papa John’s recipe, just with a little extra deliciousness.

Papa Johns CEO has transformed the company and brought more fans into the fold. With today’s success, there are sure to be more innovations on the horizon, both with taste and technology. Pizza lovers should look forward to Papa John’s future announcements, as there are sure to be some delicious additions.

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