Six essentials to have in your bedroom space

It is important to take pride in your bedroom, after all, it should be the room in which you take the most comfort within. Therefore, it only makes sense to enjoy being in there. There is no such thing as the perfect bedroom, however, we believe that there are components to include within your room space to make it the best it can be. If you are looking to spruce up and improve your surroundings then stay tuned as we list some essentials that are vital to have in your bedroom space. 

A comfortable bed 

A bed is potentially the largest investment you can make in your bedroom, and it is important to be picky when choosing your bed. After all, a bed frame and mattress are very different from any other impulse buy. You can easily return a jacket or a pair of shoes to a store, but a bed that has already been built and placed within your bedroom? Umm, not so easy! When you have selected your new bed after hours and hours, and days upon days or browsing, and trust us, the process should normally take this long, ensure that you select appropriate layered bedding. Thin bedding with two pillows can look simply sparse, and if you are looking to inject comfort and thickness into your bed, make sure that you have a fluffy duvet, and a selection of pillows that can be layered against one another. Trust us, this will make it even more exciting to come home to your bedroom space after a long and hard day.  

A nightstand/chest of drawers 

Another key essential that assists in improving your bedroom space is a surface next to your bed. Could there be anything more frustrating than attempting to place a glass of water next to you while tucked up in bed to realise that you must get up and leave the bed!? We think not! Not only is a nightstand or chest of drawers next to your bed extremely practical, however, it will also add to the aesthetic of the room by tying everything together. After all, your bed can look pretty bare with no surroundings, and if your room is large enough to place your bed in the middle of the space, two surfaces at either side of the bed can be appealing to the eye with its clean, symmetrical layout. 

A rug 

One way to make your bedroom warm and inviting is to feature a rug. Ensure that when purchasing a rug that you take into account the dimensions of your room space and surrounding furniture to guarantee that it will fit perfectly. Try to choose a rug that adds texture or colour to the room, oh, and make sure it is comfortable! If your room space is on the smaller side then not to worry, you can always opt for a larger rug and place it underneath your bed, this means the outskirts of the rug will be hanging out from the sides of your bed and it can act as a sturdier base for a bed frame instead of placing it directly on solid flooring, especially if it is wood. 

Storage space 

Adequate storage space for a bedroom is a must. Minimising clutter can have a positive contribution to your headspace, so it is important to ensure that you have enclosed storage space throughout your bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have a wardrobe built into your bedroom then this should be the perfect amount of storage space, however, if you require more, it is crucial to invest in drawers and other storage facilities for your room. Without them, there will be bundles upon bundles of clutter that will have a negative contribution to the room.  

A full-length mirror 

A mirror can add a stylish touch to any room space, especially a full-length mirror. If your bedroom is used for getting ready, having a large mirror to check out your outfit is a must. Adding a mirror also adds a touch of glamour to the room and it will look even more affluent with some lighting placed around it. Did you know that a mirror can make your room look a whole lot bigger than it actually is? Due to the reflections created from the mirror, it provides the illusion of a much larger room which is perfect if you are looking to make your room space more open and airy. Practical yet stylish, what more could you ask for?  

Appropriate lighting 

When selecting the lighting for your bedroom space, you must consider the tone and mood you want to create, especially in the evening hours. Would you prefer for your room to have a bright and futuristic approach? Well, then opt for LED lights or even bright bias lighting behind your TV. This will look extra cool with the TV wall-mounted, as the lighting will reflect off the walls. Click here for TV wall mounting services. Or, would you prefer for the lighting to be more calm and soft? If this is the case, you may want to choose dimmed lighting. We would advise ensuring that you have at least light on the ceiling of your room, and lighting on the surfaces next to your bed, from here, any additional lighting choices are simply down to you!

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