Seven Factors that Make an MPH Worth it

Pursuing a master’s degree requires lots of thinking and planning. Whether it is managing personal obligations, your studies, or any other issues you’re caught up in – from start to finish, it is a significant responsibility.

Earning a master’s degree provides the necessary skills you’ll need and gain valuable experience in your industry.

As we moved through the COVID-19 pandemic, public health practitioners had a significant demand to contain the situation.

Public health practitioners were in front of scientists and doctors to investigate the cause of the disease, analyze symptoms, devise prevention strategies, and help develop effective treatments.

Since the pandemic, public health degrees are in demand as the world waits for the next catastrophe. Public health is a diverse industry that gets attention from individuals from different walks of life. So getting a master’s in public health opens doors to significant career progression, helping you assume bigger roles and contribute to the health and wellbeing of people.

With that said, the following are a few factors that help make an MPH worth it

1. Lucrative Salaries:

Even though being a scientist and working in diagnostics can be a rewarding profession, it has low salary potential and financial growth.

One of the best reasons to study for an MPH degree is the excellent salary and perks you’re offered. If you’re curious about the numbers, type in MPH salary on Google.

That’s not all – an MPH degree is a ticket towards excellent career growth. As of Jun 16, 2022, the average annual pay for a Public Health Manager in the United States is more than $70,000 annually.

2. Networking Opportunities

Graduating in biological sciences and then being confined in a lab non-stop for years results in weariness for someone with a socially active personality.

Scientists who do not interact with the public aren’t exactly aware of the general public’s perspective on science and new research.

Pursuing higher degrees in the health industry allows scientists to explore science with a social lens. It helps them connect with the public, gather first-hand information and data, and sort out their confusion and myths regarding many diseases and treatments while facilitating those who do not have direct access to healthcare.

3. Job Security:

Job security is among the foremost factors influencing people to pursue a master’s degree in public health.

Public health practitioners are always in demand. They are needed everywhere, from a public health setting to an epidemic-hit area; their services are essential.

The need for public health practitioners in all sectors will continue increasing in the post-pandemic era. With many industries facing job and budget cuts, public health practitioners will be in even greater demand for taking health initiatives.

  1. Career Diversity:

    A masters in public health opens the gate for you to enter and explore diversity in your profession. As an MPH, you can choose to pursue public health domains intersecting your interests.

You can be an

  1. Epidemiologist: making public health policies
  2. Biostatistician: studying health statistics of different communities.
  3. Public health educator: informing the general public on certain diseases’ severities, risk factors, and preventive methods to stay healthy.
  4. Public health manager: overall management of healthcare initiatives and programs in a defined community.

You can also join educational institutes as part of goodwill programs to educate young adults on the importance of healthcare, especially regarding factors affecting sexual health.

Working with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) diversifies your skills as a public health practitioner and gets you hands-on experience with various tasks.

If you prefer getting your job placement changed after every few years and getting to work in different designations and community settings, opt for working with governmental organizations.

5. Flexible and Cost-effective Programs:

Many universities offer a master’s in public health, specifically designing programs that keep in mind and facilitate working individuals and their time management concerns.

These programs work around the schedules of full-time employees by offering self-paced online programs in which individuals have the advantage of studying at any time.

It means you won’t have to worry about missing classes or to skip work to attend classes. Many MPH programs are now cost-effective and provide budget-friendly options while being recognized by the higher education authorities.

6. Recognition and Global Impact:

A master’s degree in public health lets you dive into a career that can have a more significant impact.

Your public-health policies and programs designed to improve healthcare settings impact communities worldwide.

Later in your career, your decisions hold the potential to control and eliminate disease outbreaks and raise the standards of healthcare in developing nations.

You will receive recognition and praise from officials all around the globe and the WHO (World Health Organization) when your designed policies are successful.

7. A Community Hero:

As an MPH graduate, your task is to design policies and programs that help contain and control many widespread diseases.

Your mindful and research-based decisions can save thousands of people in a community from catching and dying from a specific disease.

You are always on the front lines whenever there is a disease outbreak to study and formulate preventive and containment measures against it.

Your community will consider you a hero if you successfully manage to contain a disease from spreading.


There we have it, seven compelling reasons for you to dive into a medical career. By earning an MPH degree, a job with growth, variety, and stability await.

If we talk about an MPH degree, it provides professional benefits like lucrative salary options, excellent growth potential, and a chance to give back to and serve your community.

An MPH degree provides several advantages that other degrees don’t. However, an MPH’s value depends on your own goals.

But if we assess the data suggests that public health is a growing sector with well-paying positions and flexible learning possibilities.

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