Setting Up Your Home for Work and Play in the Pandemic

With the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people transitioned from a traditional office setting into permanently working from home. While that switch sounds simple, creating a space conducive to productivity in a busy household or an area used primarily for leisure can be a challenge. At-home recreational activities like SBOBET or other online games may also lose their appeal once you begin associating the house with work stressors; balance is vital.

What is the best way to handle the work time and playtime competing for our attention? These simple tricks can make the living space better for leisure and productivity so that life can go on.

Create Dedicated Spaces for Leisure and Professional Activities

Seeking to create one area for leisure that is separate from a professional space will help to balance work and recreational tasks simply. Consider building a quiet office in an unused corner of the home, one with minimal reminders of hobbies or distracting interests so that you can focus on essential tasks. A spacious office area with plenty of natural light is also an excellent way to increase your morale, preventing you from following distractions into playtime before finishing the day’s work.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Office buildings have advanced technology and the comfortable furniture that many homes lack, and working with an old laptop and shabby armchair are only viable for a couple of weeks. Attempting to make do with this equipment for longer is a sure way to lower your morale and frustrate your work performance. For example, an uncomfortable chair will quickly erode your motivation to work through scheduled hours while fighting back pain; a computer continually crashing on top of that is a recipe for disaster.

Rather, curate a productive and comfortable workplace with these essentials at your home office:

  • A well-made office chair for stable lumbar support
  • A reliable computer and internet connection
  • A working keyboard and mouse pad (consider ergonomic features for long work hours)
  • Indirect overhead lighting
  • Blue light glasses for eye strain

Set Up Everything Properly

It’s not enough to purchase high-end equipment without properly setting it up. For example, improper chair and desk height and poor monitor positioning will only strain the neck and back while working. If it leads to short-term pain or long-term injuries, the effort is a waste.

Whether you are building a space for work or recreation, you need a well-positioned chair and desk where you can sit with your feet flat against the ground, and your knees and elbows bent at a healthy 90-degree angle. Your monitor should be at eye level to avoid craning your neck.

Use a Timer

Whether working or playing, all of us need to be careful not to sit and stare at a computer screen for too long. Even with the proper equipment and setup, sitting at a desk uninterrupted for hours will quickly lead to eye strain, muscle pain, and other problems. Consider going for a short two-minute walk every half hour to prevent pain and injury and increase your heart rate, focus, and motivation.

Work Hard and Play Hard

Has the pandemic driven you into a home office for longer than expected? Properly setting up a home office will help ease the transition. You may even want to make it the ‘new normal’ as the world regains its equilibrium.

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