Save the Environment by using Sähköskootteri (electric scooter)

Changing to sähköskootteri (electric scooter) could constitute a major part of Environment protection, and it’s not exaggerated.

Did you know that the average passenger vehicle emits around 12.6 kilograms of CO2 per day? Let’s visualize. Assuming an average balloon size of 30 centimeters in diameter, it would take over 40,000 balloons to contain that amount of CO2. Now, you can’t unsee the problem!

It is not to deny that cars are an amazing invention providing us with lots of benefits, but to see the incredible impact that altering our ways of commuting could bring to our combat against pollution. This is even more considerable at the present time when environmental conservation is more critical than ever. 

As the negative impacts of fossil fuel consumption become increasingly apparent, and the fact we may not need to travel for over 20 km distance, rushing at 50-60 km/h every day (which is impossible within urban areas), the need for more sustainable daily commuting options has become paramount. 

Within this context, e-scooters have emerged and offered numerous advantages over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles in terms of eco-friendliness.

In this article, we will explore how sähköskootteri (electric scooter) contributes to environmental preservation and provide practical tips to reduce carbon footprint while driving.

How E-Scooters Contribute to the Environment Protection

First and foremost, using a sähköskootteri (electric scooter) results in no pollutants. 

E-scooters employ electric motors and rechargeable batteries instead of traditional gasoline-powered versions, which prevents the emission of toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

This automobile helps to reduce traffic congestion, which is the principal cause of transportation-related carbonization, in part because of its compact form.

As a result of these characteristics, the air is cleaner, the amount of air pollution is lower, and the carbon footprint is smaller.

Additionally, compared to conventional cars, sähköskootteri (electric scooters) use less energy and are more efficient in using power. 

They need much less energy to run, which increases their long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 

And it could be even more eco-friendly when we plug these vehicles into electrical grids that use renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power.

This led to a more sustainable energy ecology by reducing the load on power systems and the need for fossil fuels.

Along with reducing air pollution, in comparison with internal combustion engine vehicles, sähköskootteri (electric scooter) also emit much less noise pollution. 

For both riders and pedestrians, the absence of an obtrusive engine lowers the total noise levels in metropolitan neighborhoods, creating a more comfortable and serene atmosphere.


If there is even the slightest worry about how using a sähköskootteri (electric scooter) may affect the environment, just look at how much money governments are investing in creating more and more suitable infrastructure and rules to encourage people to use this kind of vehicle. These people are specialists and always put in their best effort to benefit society. We can rely on their vision of cities with livable, sustainable urban environments and better resident transportation alternatives.

What Inside a Sähköskootteri (electric scooter)

A sähköskootteri (electric scooter) already advances environmental conservation, in addition to the impacts described above, because many manufacturers give sustainability a high priority by reducing waste output, using recycled materials, and employing energy-efficient production methods.

Let’s talk about the components. A sähköskootteri (electric scooter) normally consists of the following:

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack: Stores electrical energy to power the scooter.
  • Electric Motor: Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, propelling the scooter forward.
  • Electronic Controller: Regulates the motor’s power output, ensuring smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Drivetrain: Transfers mechanical energy from the motor to the wheels, enabling movement.
  • Throttle: Allows the rider to control the speed by adjusting the power output of the motor.
  • Braking System: Includes disc or drum brakes that provide stopping power when activated.

Among these parts, there are special features that contribute significantly to an e-scooter eco-friendly characteristic.

Firstly, the electric motors used in these scooters. In comparison to conventional internal combustion engines, they turn a larger proportion of the battery’s energy into actual mechanical motion. By using less energy to go the same distance as conventional scooters, e-scooters can achieve higher energy efficiency.

Additionally, regenerative braking devices are frequently seen in sähköskootteri (electric scooters). When the operator applies the brakes, the electric motor serves as a generator, converting the kinetic energy of the scooter into electrical energy. This energy is sent to the battery once more, partially recharging it. The scooter’s range may be increased by regenerative braking, and it uses less electricity from the grid to recharge the battery.

Overall, these elements function flawlessly together to provide a convenient and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Reducing Carbon Footprint while Driving

Although sähköskootteri (electric scooters) are already environmentally beneficial, users may take further measures to lessen their carbon impact. Here are some helpful pointers to think about:

Increase Energy Efficiency: The manufacturer’s specified tire pressure must be maintained in order to maximize energy efficiency. The range of a scooter can be decreased by underinflated tires since they add resistance and require more energy. Maintaining properly inflated tires improves performance and reduces energy waste.

Make Use of Regenerative Braking: As mentioned before, riders may increase the scooter’s range and maximize the energy produced throughout their journey by employing regenerative braking.

Use Energy-Efficient Driving Techniques: Driving practices have a big influence on energy usage. Energy may be saved by steadily accelerating, keeping a constant speed, and avoiding needless abrupt acceleration or braking. Driving smoothly and efficiently lowers the need for power, enhancing the scooter’s effectiveness and reducing energy waste.

Selecting Renewable Energy Sources: E-scooters’ environmental advantages are increased when they are charged with electricity from clean, renewable sources like solar or wind energy. Riders may lessen their reliance on fossil fuels and the indirect carbon emissions caused by the production of power by choosing sustainable energy.

If possible, combine it with public transportation or active modes like cycling, walking, or taking the bus.

You may drastically lower your carbon footprint when driving by using certain routines and behaviors, helping to promote a more sustainable and ecologically friendly transportation system.


In conclusion, using sähköskootteri (electric scooter) is a great way to support environmental preservation. They provide an attractive alternative to traditional gasoline-powered automobiles because of their emissions-free operation and environmentally friendly design. People may actively contribute to lowering carbon emissions, combating climate change, and decreasing air pollution by adopting e-scooters. The environmental advantages may be further increased by putting into practice straightforward procedures, including improving energy efficiency, using regenerative braking, adopting efficient driving skills, and selecting sources of green energy for charging. Let’s embrace these new vehicles to protect the environment and build a sustainable future for future generations.

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