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Sasha Braus was a member of the Scout Regiment and one of the few former members of the 104th Cadet Corps, of which she was ranked 9th out of the top 10. A compulsive food hoarder with an overly polite way of speech, Sasha originated from Dauper, a village in the southern territory of Wall Rose.

Appearance: Sasha Braus

Sasha was a young woman with light brown eyes and reddish brown hair kept in a ponytail that reaches the base of her neck. Her bangs were parted slightly on the right cascading down each side of her face and stopping around the middle of her neck. On missions, she wore the standard Scout Regiment uniform with a light gray shirt underneath. When not on missions, she wore a simple long sleeved blouse with a skirt that slightly covers her boots.

Sasha Braus

On some occasions, she even wore a sleeveless vest over her blouse. She had a slender figure and was of average height. In the year 854, Sasha had grown taller and her hair was cut shorter with longer bangs, exposing more of her face. While in Marley, she wore the black Scout Regiment uniform with support belts for her omni-directional mobility gear, as well as a brown bandolier carrying clips of ammunition for her rifle.

Personality: Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus was a friendly, fun-loving girl. Originating from Dauper Village, she had a local accent, but actively hid it out of embarrassment by using formal speech, even when conversing with her fellow cadets. Initially, Sasha was somewhat timid and prone to make mistakes when under stressful situations. She was rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly, her intuition was very sharp, surprisingly courageous, and she had been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.

Sasha was known to have an incredible appetite; eating provided her with considerable gratification and relief, especially during times of great stress, and food was often the only thing on her mind when at ease. So compulsive in her desire to eat, she had proven willing to steal food from the infantry stores and/or kitchen and had earned herself the nickname “Potato Girl” after stealing a potato and absent-mindedly explaining herself when her superior caught her. She possibly developed these gluttonous tendencies due to her younger years of struggling to hunt and find food.

Abilities: Sasha Braus

Raised as an animal hunter, Sasha specializes in archery, horseback riding, and tracking. Sasha is ranked one of the top 10 cadets of her squad, implying good physical abilities. She was also commented to have a better sense of balance than some of the other cadets. Sasha’s hearing is also very acute, to the point that she could detect an approaching group of Titans before many of her fellow cadets. As well as physical abilities, Sasha has good knowledge of wild animals and utilizing her hunter experience (shown when the Female Titan screamed), she knew exactly what the scream meant (a distress cry; danger) and that they should be wary of it.

She also seems to be athletic and useful with bow and arrow, injuring a 3m class Titan alone with just a bow. Sasha is later shown to be able to disarm a person without any injury to the said person with archery alone. She is proven to be a skilled thief, as she often manages to steal food from the infantry storage without getting caught.


  • Hajime Isayama named Sasha after comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen to reflect the fact that he intended for her to provide a comedic element to the series.
  • Sasha’s name is short for “Alexandra,” which comes from the Greek “Alexandros,” meaning “defender of humankind.” “Braus” (Brauss) comes from the German saying “in Sauß und Brauss leben,” meaning “to live off the fat of the land,” a phrase she herself quotes.

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