Sakura Haruno: Bio, Age, Life, Height, Creative

Sakura Haruno plays a supporting character in the world famous manga and anime series : Naruto. Naruto is a manga and anime series which got super famous and is rated as a legendary anime. It is literally named as one of the greatest animes of all time, and I mean ALL TIME. The manga is long and the anime is even longer filled with filler episodes. If you combine the episodes of original naruto and naruto shippuden, you will get a number of more than a thousand. Sakura is Naruto’s best friends. Well, the best friend after Sasuke.

She is a pretty girl who only thought about marrying Sasuke and did not have any goals or ambitions besides that. But the great thing about this series is the development of the characters. She grows out to be a responsible woman who can take down strong enemies and she has shown amazing will and motivation to become stronger and save her friends. She becomes the student of one of the legendary Sanins and learns many new tricks from her. After that, she becomes un-surpassable in her field.

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Sakura Haruno: OUTLOOK

Sakura is one of the prettiest anime girls of all time and has fans from all over the world. She has medium height, not too tall or not too short. Her health and body physique are also not too skinny or fat. Her hair is pink in color and she has a very beautiful set of eyes. She wears a pink colored outfit. Her hair is long in the beginning and short later.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno: PERSONALITY

She has a lot of character development in the entire show. Everyone literally hated her in the beginning for doing immoral and selfish things and thinking only for herself, but later she learns the truth about Sasuke and as a shock it changes. That and many other things have happened with her which led her to be more strong and more likeable. She shows no interest in Naruto at first, but later she co incidentally gets put on the same team and now that more than 10 years have passed, they remain the best of friends. Sakura becomes a very helpful and caring ninja who also knows how to fight. She is one of the best persons in the series.

Sakura Haruno: ABILITIES


Sakura was the weakest one time, but that is past her. She is the most proficient medical ninja user in he village right now and no one can surpass her. During the war she healed so many ninjas and saved their lives. She learnt all this because she became the student of the Legendary Sanin – Lady Tsunade. She was once hokage and taught her personally. She is the only student of Tsunade. Like Tsunade, she has super human strength. Her one single blow can wipe out a large area or a bunch of strong enemies at once. She has surpassed Tsunade now both in terms of power and healing.


  • Her name means Cherry Blossoms.
  • She can use both water and earth style.
  • Her blood group is O positive.

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