Remote Jobs for University Students to Earn Extra Money

If you are a college student and need to earn extra money to cover your expenses but don’t have time to go to an on-site job where you have to meet a certain number of hours, or simply prefer to work from home, the university library, or anywhere you decide, these 6 remote jobs for students are a good option to earn money.

Remote jobs for college students who want to earn some extra money

College students can always use some extra money. One of the great options out there today are remote jobs, jobs that you can do from anywhere without having to go to any location. You can be an essay assistant or an online translator. Of course, working remotely brings many benefits beyond relocation. In addition, there are more and more options to work remotely for other companies as well as for yourself.

You can choose where to work from your room, the library, the cafeteria… you don’t need to go anywhere and work for an exact number of hours, you can choose your own work schedule. Below you will find some of the remote jobs that you can perform while you are in college.

Web content writing

If you are good at writing, web content writing can be one of the points to take into account to earn money. It is not about writing content for a bestseller, but rather work doing articles, stories, reports, interviews, recipes, tips… for other blogs or information web portals. If you are a regular blog reader, you know what we are talking about.

You can also contact your favorite blogs directly, write them a couple of sample articles and apply for a position, many times you may be surprised by the positive response from the big media. If you like writing, you will like the job of a copywriter.


Another great option to generate a passive income that can help you make some extra money while you are studying is the world of design. Logically it is not for everyone, but if you like design, you are good with the main programs, here you have a good option to earn money remotely.

There are different ways to earn money on the internet as a designer. Some web portals pay you for your designs, others where you can offer your services as a designer.

Translation of texts

If you are bilingual, you are good at translating, different websites pay you for translating texts. This type of work can be done remotely and without schedules, ideal for university students who have knowledge of several languages and want to make some extra money.

Companies like Netflix, also offer the possibility of earning money with translations, for this, they have created a web portal called Hermes, in which if you pass the test, you can become one of the translators of the company.


If you excel in your studies, you can share your experience and knowledge with other students online. These days, it’s pretty easy to become an online tutor and earn extra money.

There are several models around tutoring online platforms where you can upload your courses or lessons such as Udemy, one of the most popular online course platforms, Khan Academy, Teachable, Verbling (language classes), Classgap, which is the closest thing to a home tutor, it connects students from all over the world who need reinforcement in a particular subject, with teachers willing to help them or Teacher.


Transcribing requires little or no previous experience and is a good option for remote jobs for students. The job is very simple, you listen to audio and write down what you hear. Although it sounds like your dream job while in college, a remote job requires you to pay close attention to detail. The work hours are flexible, so it fits in well with your academic schedule.

Selling photos and videos

If you’re good with a camera, you can make some extra money selling photography and videos through major web portals. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not, if your pictures and videos are good, you can upload them to these websites and start seeing your profits. Payments are based on the number of pictures or videos sold.

Another important point if you like video editing is YouTube, if you are good at editing videos and you have some knowledge of online marketing, you can create a channel to monetize your videos and earn extra money. Don’t miss out on the options.


Final words

As you will see there are plenty of options to work remotely and earn extra money when you are studying at university. Decide which one best fits your profile and start generating income to cover your expenses.


  • Most online jobs are legitimate, but some won’t be. If something seems fishy, don’t take the job.
  • If you think it pays too low, don’t take the job, it’s not worth it.
  • Set your own hours and of course, don’t neglect your study time.

Now that you know enough options to work remotely, you can start earning money as a student.

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