Radio Etiquette: How To Communicate Clearly On A Walkie Talkie

According to research, the global walkie-talkie industry is set to reach $19.7 billion by 2027.

With the popularity of walkie-talkies growing rapidly, it’s important that you know how to communicate clearly on a two-way radio.

In an emergency situation, it is important to be able to communicate clearly with others.

However, in a high-stress situation, it can be difficult to remember the best way to use a walkie-talkie.

But don’t worry! We’re here to present our complete guide on how to communicate clearly on a walkie-talkie.

1. Stay Calm

Being calm while talking on the radio is very important. It isn’t hard to panic when there’s an emergency message or when someone breaks through your perimeter – so being able to keep your cool is crucial.

When speaking into a microphone it can be easy for others who are listening to hear every single heavy breath that escapes your mouth.

Breathing heavily makes it difficult for people who are listening to understand what you’re saying, so staying calm is an integral part of communicating clearly over a walkie-talkie.

2. Speak Clearly

Speaking clearly is extremely important when trying to communicate over a walkie-talkie, especially if you’re on an emergency channel. When speaking into the mic, try not to say ‘um’ or have long pauses.

Pause for a second or two before speaking so that all of your words can be heard and understood by whoever is listening.

This will help prevent possible misunderstandings with the message being sent across by using clearer language instead of mumbling or jumbled phrases.

3. Use Proper Grammar

You don’t want people’s first impression of you being someone who doesn’t know how to use proper grammar. Make sure you are clear when spelling names/words/places in the heat of speaking to someone.

Taking these measures will ensure that they don’t misunderstand what you’re trying to say.

4. Identify Yourself

When communicating over a walkie-talkie, it is important to follow this rule: Identify and Say Your Station’s Call Sign Every 15 minutes! This helps people understand who is talking.

It also makes any conversation more organized rather than just hearing many voices all at once on an emergency channel that simply cannot handle that much traffic.

5. End The Transmission Properly

It can be easy to forget about saying ‘over’ after finishing your sentence on the radio, but you must do so because otherwise whoever was listening may not know you’re finished.

This might trigger them to press the push-to-talk button again thinking that you weren’t done speaking.

Make it a habit to always end your transmission by saying ‘over’ and let whoever is listening know that you’re done talking and they can now respond without accidentally triggering the talk button on their radio.

If you’ve never bought a walkie talked before continue reading on.

Learn How To Communicate Clearly

And there you have it! You were just educated on how to communicate clearly over a walkie talkie so now go out there and share this information with others so they too can understand.

Make sure you practice using your walkie-talkies so that you are confident in your ability to communicate effectively.

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