Proper Ways To Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common health concerns worldwide. It has become a major public health problem globally as it affects about 415 million people. These people come from different countries, having different ethnicities, ages, gender, and status.

It has even been predicted that the number of people with diabetes will increase and reach 642 million when 2040 arrives. If you are one of these people who have diabetes, you should learn how to manage it properly by following these ways.

Manage Diabetes Through Medication

When you are clinically diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will write you a prescription of maintenance medicine that you must regularly take for the rest of your life. Trust only the reputed names like Lindita Coku MD.

However, some people could not afford to buy prescription medicine. This is where the problem can arise. Constant missed doses of diabetes medication can lead to complications, such as nerve damage, kidney disease, heart disease, and eye disease.

It is best to acquire a prescription discount card to ensure that you will be able to take your medicines on time every time and avoid any missing dose. offers a discount card for most diabetes medicines that can help you afford your maintenance.

If you own a prescription medicine discount card, you can ensure that you can purchase the right amount of the necessary medicine to help you manage your diabetes.

Schedule a Regular Check-up

Just because you already had a check-up and got a prescription doesn’t mean you won’t go back and see your doctor again. Having been diagnosed with a serious illness means that you should take time to visit your doctor regularly.

It is recommended to schedule a doctor’s appointment at least twice a year. Diabetes can give you heart disease and can affect your blood pressure. It can also lead to kidney and eye problems, so you must monitor your condition closely.

Schedule an eye exam once a year, as well as a foot doctor. A foot doctor will be the one to check for signs and symptoms of foot ulcers or nerve damage.

Choose Healthy Food

Choosing healthy food should not be troublesome for you, and it should come naturally. However, with the world that we live in today, many unhealthy options have been made available for everyone. This unhealthy food is one of the causes why deadly diseases are increasing.

Eating healthy should not only be done to manage a health condition. But, consuming healthy food should be what everyone must do. So, whether you have diabetes or not, always choose to eat healthily, and your body will thank you for it.

If you have diabetes, it is best to avoid consuming too many carbs and sugar. Instead, opt for leafy greens, protein-rich food, and fatty fish. Be very cautious about what you consume, as the food you eat can significantly impact your blood sugar levels.

Be Physically Active

Walking, running, cycling, or going to the gym can help manage diabetes. However, if you are the type of person who is not physically active and chooses to slack off the couch instead of exercising, you better start being active now.

Everyone should be physically active at least 150 minutes a week. You do not need to do one-hour-long exercise every day. As long as you do physical activities, at least 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes a day in five days is enough.

You do not need to carry out a vigorous exercise to manage your diabetes. Brisk walking around your neighborhood or the park is already a great exercise that anyone at any age can perform. Being physically active can decrease your blood sugar. Plus, it can also help you prevent heart disease from occurring.

Know Your ABCs

A diabetic person should know their ABCs when it comes to their condition. A is for the A1C test that you should perform to know your average blood sugar level within three months. It is different from the blood sugar test you are doing every day. Ask your doctor about the A1C test if you haven’t heard about it yet.

B is for your blood pressure. Monitor your blood pressure regularly. Ask your doctor what should be the normal blood pressure for you. However, in general, blood pressure should not exceed 140/90. High blood pressure can lead to serious conditions such as stroke, eye, and kidney damage, and worse, heart attack.

Next is the C, which stands for Cholesterol. Monitor your cholesterol level, not only the bad ones, which is the LDL, but also the good Cholesterol, which is the HDL. LDL is the one that blocks your blood vessels which causes stroke and heart attack.

The HDL is the one that helps fight the LDL and remove them from your blood vessels. Ask your doctor about the numbers you should maintain when it comes to LDL and HDL. Goals can differ from person to person, and only your doctor can give you the exact numbers you need.

Start Changing Your Lifestyle

Having diabetes is not only expensive and bothersome. It can also become deadly if not managed properly. If you want to control your condition and prevent complications, follow the mentioned ways and change into a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.

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