Preppy Aesthetic: Class of Fashion, Creative Look

Preppy is a term which is associated with a subculture in the United States: alumni of former private Northeastern college prep schools The words are used to describe a person who is perceived to be a student or alumnus of certain colleges. Hence, let’s get to know more about this aesthetic (Preppy Aesthetic)!

Origin of Preppy Aesthetic:

Children from wealthy households attended the top private schools in the country in the 1920s. These institutions incorporated uniforms in block colours with shields influenced by traditional English dress codes. Alumni continued to dress in preppy attire after graduation from high school and university.

Preppy Aesthetic and Success Relation

The preppy style dominated the American lifestyle in the 1950s and became linked with prosperity. This fashion movement gave birth to businesses such as Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. It gradually becomes a worldwide fad (Preppy Aesthetic).

Preppy Aesthetic in Fashion

When we talk about preppy style, these are the following key elements:

Preppy Aesthetic
Creative touch of fashion!
  • structured silhouettes,
  • pastel colours,
  • basic garments,
  • plaid prints and
  • embroidery reign

Dos & Don’t’s in Fashion for Preppy Aesthetic

Choose basic pieces and experiment with colour or fit—whether large or cropped.
Invest in colourful, new pieces or update a classic with patchwork, tie-dye, or illustration techniques.
Minimalism is a good way to make an outfit more functional.

Avoid high necklines, shredded clothing, and outfits with an edgy, rocker attitude.
Wearing a preppy outfit from head to toe is not appropriate.
Avoid becoming overly feminine. Make a statement with a track-soled sandal.
Avoid using dark colour palettes.

Preppy Aesthetic in Interior

The preppy decor is a way of life and culture as much as it is a set of decorating principles. It evokes country clubs and social graces, as well as family traditions and a sophisticated approach to work and play. Although it is usually derided, preppy design is about an optimistic approach that communicates confidence rather than snobbery.
Preppy style has a classic, comfortable American feel about it. It achieves an unstudied appearance that belies the careful precision that goes into it. Its aspirational quality inspires us to appreciate the finer things in life — and who couldn’t use a little more of that?

You have The Official Preppy Handbook memorised. You know everyone at L.L. Bean by the first name. You’d never consider vacationing somewhere other than Cape Cod. As a child, you received your first tennis racquet. You can tie a bow tie while sleeping.

Preppy Aesthetic Interiors: Layered Patterns

The preppy appearance is organised and collected, and a polite blend of patterns complements the approach. Plaid is the most well-known preppy print, but you can’t go wrong with stripes, houndstooth, gingham checks, or herringbone, rounded off with a couple of stylish needlepoint pillows.
How to mix patterns? (Preppy Aesthetic)

The key to pattern mixing is to pay attention to scale and palette – too many large-scale prints will overpower one other, while too many small-scale prints will get lost. Colours do not have to match, but they should be in the same colour family.

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Preppy colours are bold and timeless:

Pink and green are the distinctive colours, reminiscent of Lilly Pulitzer clothing (a prep staple if ever there was one). However, blue and scarlet, pine green, yellow gold, and deep and leathery browns are all suitable. You don’t have to go overboard with your selected colour palette. The vibrant pink and gentle green in the upper bedroom is balanced by a fair dose of white to make them feel more current.

Traditional Furnishings

Traditional features and time-honoured materials are used in the preppy decor. Consider club chairs, leather Chesterfield sofas, and bamboo étagères. When the flooring isn’t left naked to show off the lovely hardwoods, authentic Oriental rugs and kilims dress them up.

Preppy Aesthetic
Class of Preppy Aesthetic

Refresh old-school furniture with a few trendy pieces that provide a preppy vibe. The coffee table above would be at home in an industrial setting, yet its mellow patina fits nicely in with a room full of softly worn contemporaries.


What’s preppy style without monograms? They pop up on everything from bed and bath linens to barware and throw pillows — a discreet (or not so discreet) mark of pride in one’s name and heritage. Monograms can be updated with modern fonts and vibrant colours. Consider monogramming unexpected items like chair backs (Preppy Aesthetic).

Accents of the Sea

Boating is synonymous with the classic preppy lifestyle, thus nautical accents are required. You can’t go wrong with nautical stripes, maps, or prints – just avoid going overboard and creating a flashy room. Preppy never looks tacky. Keep these elements clean and uncomplicated. A grid of framed nautical flags, for example, would add an appealing aesthetic punch. Or concentrate on a few simple, eye-catching components, such as the oar, rope knot, and model sailboat seen above.

Rickrack and Trim

Details are important in preppy style. Trims, such as grosgrain ribbon, piping, and pom-poms, elevate upholstered furniture, window coverings, and lampshades. The most crucial rule to remember is to keep it tasteful. Consider plain and modest overdone and in-your-face. Limit the number of trims you incorporate into a single location to avoid fussiness. For a more streamlined effect, the delicate lamp above is balanced by slimmer accents in the same colour family.

Accessories from the past

Hand-me-downs and family artefacts are artistically displayed in preppy homes. Vintage suitcases, steamer trunks, and other items speak of a cosmopolitan, well-travelled existence. Items that hint at a sports life, such as antique tennis racquets or riding gear, also feel just right (Preppy Aesthetic).

Layer in these pieces sparingly to avoid a hodgepodge or, worse, an overly themed area. In this bedroom, luggage is casually stacked to serve as a night table, and the clean, crisp style that characterises the rest of the space allows them to shine.

China in blue and white

Preppy china – ginger jars, plates, and pitchers — is a must-have. It’s ageless enough to fit with nearly any palette and mix of furniture, whether it’s Delft or Blue Willow.

Instead of a traditional cluster of wall-hung plates or a jumble of jars on a mantel, arrange blue and white dishware in a more streamlined arrangement. Display it in a neat grid, as shown in this dining room, or combine a few pieces on a tabletop or shelf (Preppy Aesthetic).

Preppy Aesthetic: Celebs Spotted

  • André 3000′: The dude embodies old school preppy style while incorporating great modern aspects that are effortlessly current. Overall, he’s a freaking genius.
  • Alexa Chung: Alexa has perfected the new preppy look, which is bold, brassy, and timeless. Her untidy hair and penchant for sky-high shoes give her an edge.
  • Emma Watson: otherwise known as the Burberry Queen, appears to be a dream. And she was a Brown student for a while. Modern preppy to the extreme.
  • Brad Goreski: You thought we couldn’t have this list without Senior Bow Tie?
    Darren Criss: Resident Glee darling, is a stylish don who lives for a decent cardigan while also displaying his funny side.

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