Play at the casino and get quick bonuses

Opening the official website of the casino, one of the guests of the portal immediately understands that this is a generous institution – the information about the bonus is displayed in the oval box. The beautiful graphics of the casino homepage touch every element. Card games, slot machines, live games and sports betting symbols, hovering over them will trigger animations and help you predict gambling behavior.

In addition to the casino’s official website that can be easily run on a PC or laptop, thanks to Flash technology, the manufacturer has created the possibility to embed the website in any mobile device. In terms of features, the mobile version of the casino is no different from the desktop version – all gaming offers will be available in both demo and paid versions, and the loyalty program and all tournaments will be active. In addition to the features listed above, the room can also be run through a separate app for your tablet or smartphone.

Register at the casino in 15 seconds

In order to access all paid features of the club and take advantage of promotional offers, players need to register at the casino. This is done through the inscription at the top of the home page. Using the form that appears, you can complete the registration process in seconds. You can also use your existing profiles on social networks, so the time required to create a personal account is greatly reduced. At the casino, registration is possible through the following services:

  • Social network;
  • Search engine configuration files;
  • Courier!

Bonus promotions are immediately available after creating a personal casino profile Even when entering the room through the casino mirror, everyone can enter their locker and deposit or withdraw their winnings. Tournaments, lotteries, promotions and contests always end with bonuses – the real prizes for these events are only available to guests who register on the casino’s official website.

Quick access to the casino with a mirror

To easily bypass the blockade of the official portal and get to the online office quickly, players can use the casino mirror. Every visitor to the portal can use a link to a copy of the site. Receive it from your tech support operator in different ways – via live chat, email, and to phone via text message. Of course, these options are only available when you visit the official casino website, i.e. you need to get the link transfer in advance.

When the visitor uses the mirror to open the Portal Casino, he finds himself in a room where all the possible slot machines were originally there. Here you can also deposit, withdraw prizes and participate in all current promotions.

Slot machines and their manufacturers

Available at Casino Slots are licensed developers from all over the world – they are over 25 years old: Microgaming, Belatra, Wazdan, Playson, Oldskool, 1×2 Gaming, Booongo, Betsoft and more. Themed slots are represented by a variety of designs: Ancient Egypt, Military, Classic, Storyline, Comics and Movies. At the casino you can choose by category: slot machines, roulette, poker tables, live games and sports betting.

The most popular casino machines reward amazing jackpots. The current top casino Сanada rankings are the following slot machines: 40SuperHot, ShiningCrown, UltimateHot, MidasGoldenTouch, FlamingHot. From this list of top performers, the most popular games, even when opened in the casino mirror, are classic slots.

Generous bonus

Bonus promotions in casinos take effect immediately after registration. Additional points for cumulative deposits provided by the casino bonus percentage:

  • Three bonus offers for the first deposit: 100%, 150% and 200% of the credited amount;
  • Bonus offers for 1st to 5th deposits: 100%, 50% and 25%;
  • Bonus options after the fifth deposit: 10%, 15% and 20%!

Additionally, active players can partially refund losses on casino slot machines – 10% of the lost amount will be refunded to the balance. If there is no credit, the casino will offer a bonus on the player’s birthday – the offer depends entirely on the status. Elite profiles get bonus coins of up to €500. To earn bonus points, casinos offer offers using promo codes.


Filled with freshness visually, the casino is also distinguished by new approaches in the implementation of many innovations in the field of gambling. Modern slot machines, games interesting to different categories of users, generous and flexible bonuses, as well as attractive promotions — all this attracts many fans of excitement to the casino site. The user-friendly interface of the portal and the almost unlimited withdrawal of winnings detain visitors here for a long time.

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