Period dramas on Netflix you need to watch

There is nothing wrong with trying to escape this century and instead get immersed in the drama and lives of people in the 1800s. In fact, with the rise in popularity of historical, period dramas, it’s almost the norm. Gaining popularity as the ultimate form of escapist-comfort TV shows, there has been a bunch of new period dramas on Netflix that are perfect for transporting you back a century or two. You can catch most of these for free on a TV aerial. To get one installed by professionals, click here.


You have either been recommended this show a hundred times or you have watched it already and are looking for similar shows. If you fall in the first category, we can not recommend this show enough to you. Following the life of one of the Bridgerton kids, Daphne, the show is set in the regency era of England where the rich live their life in their bubble. When Daphne meets the Duke of Hastings, who is not only very handsome but also her brother’s best friend, they form a mutual agreement to fake-court each other for their motives. However, as you would imagine, they start forming a connection that extends far above their current predicament. With Lady whistledown, the mysterious writer of the town starts writing about their story, the fake courtship blows out of proportion with every person’s eyes set on them.

A definite must-watch for anyone who loves regency romance, ball gowns, princesses, and dukes, Bridgerton is easily one of the most popular regency dramas on Netflix at the moment.

The Crown

One of the best period dramas on Netflix, The Crown is one of the most popular regency dramas on the platform. The series is inspired by the real monarchs of the UK and their lives. Spanning over decades, the series takes you through the entire reign of the current queen. With one of the most lavish production costs in the world of period dramas, this show is on its way to releasing season 5 in 2022. Realistic fiction has gained a huge audience over the years and with the new seasons focusing on the story of the people’s princess, Princess Diana and Charles’s relationship, the viewings have been through the roof.

The show threads the close line between reality and fiction, with every episode based on a public highlight during the current monarch’s reign. A very cleverly directed series, the crown is a must-watch period drama on Netflix.


French history is always fascinating- especially when it follows the French nobility. Set in the 1600s, Versailles follows the story of the French nobility and their protest against the French reign and monarchs. The Netflix series shows the young king Louis XIV, who, in an attempt to gain back the power and force submission from the French elite, moves the court from Chateau de Saint Germain en Laye near Paris to a hunting lodge near the hamlet of Versailles.

What follows is a game of intrigue, politics and violence- each of which is an attempt to take the power.

With lavish production sets, clothes and beautiful French scenes, Versailles is a period drama that will leave you wondering about the events that shaped current France. The show has some sort of historical accuracy, but we wouldn’t suggest you watch this instead of your history book if you are preparing for an exam.

The Queens Gambit

If you haven’t watched this amazing production, you are seriously missing out on one of the best period dramas out there. The miniseries that’s been set during the cold war era, follows the life of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy. Adapted from the book with the same name by Walter Tavis, the show is a dream come true for people who love chess (chess players think it’s a way better depiction than any of the other ones out there)

Beth Harmon is a chess prodigy on her way to the top of the chess world. However, with drugs and alcohol addictions coming in her way, she tries to overcome her demons and focus on what is the most important to her- Chess.

One of the most-watched scripted miniseries and a top program in 63 countries, the queen’s gambit is empowering, inspiring and intelligent. And don’t worry if you know nothing about chess, the show has enough twists and turns that you won’t need to apply your limited chess knowledge!

Pride and Prejudice

It is impossible to compile a list of period dramas on Netflix and not include Jane Austen. One of the most popular stories out there, Pride and Prejudice is a comfort to many. With the production as beautiful as the books themselves, the story follows the Bennet family, particularly Elizabeth, the eldest and her enemies-to-lovers story with Mr Darcy, the most perfect man to ever exist (in our personal opinion).

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