Perfect Villas in Alibaug for your stay

Are you planning a holiday trip? What can be better than Alibaug? It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Maharashtra. It is known for its beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and beautiful atmosphere. Private villas should be chosen for holidays in Alibaug. Private villas are the best for comfort. The best part is that there is a willow for everyone in the budget range. Ekostay has them all. There are barbecue areas, a private pool, free Wi-Fi, a music system and other amenities. This is a great opportunity to relax  with family and friends in Alibaug. Apart from this, there are nearby beaches, many temples, forts and other historical places that you can explore during your vacation. Alibaug offers various fun activities like swimming, water sports, hiking and many more. If you want to spend a memorable vacation, you must go to Alibaug. And the best way to spend your vacation is to book your own villa in the city. 

Book Private Villas in Alibaug 

Alibaug, a popular beach destination in Maharashtra,  is one of the most popular tourist spots among people. It is very smart and a  good choice to book a private villa for your vacation. This is because: 

Privacy: When you book a private villa, your privacy is protected. You can relax at your own time and no one will ask you anything.

Space: The villas are more spacious than any other resort or hotel. So you can enjoy a lot of space.

Amenities: Most  villas have their own pools, barbecue areas and large lawns.  

If you are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, booking a private villa in Alibaug is a great option. Now you are thinking with whom you would organize your holiday. right? You can ask Ekostay to arrange your holiday plan. They have their own villas with all the amenities mentioned above.  

Luxury villas in Alibaug  

If you are planning your holidays in Alibaug, you must stay in a luxury villa. Give your vacation a luxurious feel. There are many luxury villas in Alibaug where you can stay. If you’re worried about your budget, don’t be. Ekostay supports you. They have budgeted the entire Alibaug to make your holiday memorable. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the budget. Planning a vacation in Alibaug with a luxury villa has its advantages. to like 

You have your own private pool to enjoy.  You can grill with family and friends.  You can go on a boat trip or enjoy other activities in the nearby areas.  You can trek in the Sahyadri mountains. 

Villas with private pool in Alibaug 

In Alibaug, Ekostay offers different villas according to  different choices of  customers. Here are 10 private villas with pools in Alibaug by Ekostay: 

Casa Royale is a 6 bedroom villa that can accommodate up to 20 guests. It has its own pool, hot tub, video game room and fitness center. The nightly cost for the villa is ₹ 18,000. 

Sea Breeze Villa is a 3 bedroom villa that can accommodate  15 guests. There is a personal stool and grill. The nightly cost for this villa is ₹ 12,000.

Another luxury 4 bedroom villa from Ekostay is the Lakeside Villa. In addition to its own pool, it has a lakeside terrace. There is also  a bar on site. The nightly charge is ₹ 13,000.

Panorama Villa, a large 2 bedroom villa that can accommodate  15 guests at a time. It also has a private pool for guests to enjoy during their stay. In addition, guests can  enjoy a beautiful sea view  from the terrace. The nightly charge is ₹ 8000.

Casa Polo, a 3 bedroom villa that can accommodate up to 15 guests. There is also  a private pool and  barbecue area nearby. It improves the stay experience. The nightly charge is ₹ 12,000.

If you come with many family members  or many friends,  you should choose Emerald Villa. This huge 4 BHK villa can accommodate 18 people at a time. In addition, there is a private pool, barbecue  and music system. The nightly charge is ₹14,000. 

Casa Zul is a beautiful 4 BHK villa in Alibaug that charms everyone with its magnificence. It can accommodate  15 guests. There is a private pool,  barbeque area and music system to take your holiday to the next level. The nightly charge is ₹ 18,000.

Casa de Alibag, this 4 BHK villa is an absolute solution for holiday parties with lots of people. This villa can accommodate up to 31 guests! It also offers guests a private pool, games room and hot tub. The nightly charge is ₹16,000.

Casa polo is a 3 BHK villa that can accommodate up to 12 guests. There is also  a barbecue area and a private pool. These amenities  enhance the vacation experience. The nightly charge is ₹ 10,000.

Casa Roma, a 3 BHK villa that can accommodate up to 12 guests. In addition to a private pool and barbecue area, there is a huge lawn for  visitors. The nightly charge is ₹ 10,000. 

Sahyadri looks like a magical mountain range during  monsoon.  Arabian sea looks beautiful during monsoons. No matter what your budget is, there are different types of villas in the city. You just have to contact Ekostay and book your stay

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