Perfect Pet Snakes for Beginners

In the world of “alternative” pets, snakes reign supreme. It’s easy to see why. They’re undemanding, don’t shed fur, and live fairly long lives. Out of the many snakes in the world, there are quite a few that make wonderful pets. However, not all pet snakes are created equally. Let’s examine some good “beginner” pet snakes, and why they may be classified that way. 

Corn Snakes

These constrictors have slithered from the grasslands, swamps, and forests of the southeastern US into our houses and homes. Indeed, their genetic plasticity has granted breeders to develop over 800 varieties of morph for this snake. Whether you prefer the wild type or want a somewhat flashier pet (or even want to start a breeding line of your own), there is a corn snake for you. 

Ball Pythons

An exceptionally popular snake in the pet trade, ball pythons are also known for their ability to produce a variety of morphs (over 4000 in this case). Like many similar constrictors, the ball python is known for its low-key, docile disposition. As long as your pet is well socialized from a young age and you implement proper husbandry practices in its care, your snake should have no trouble adapting to your home. 

Note: The ball python is misunderstood in its habitat requirements and needs. You may wish to consult an expert on how to best get your pet to consistently and enthusiastically feed. 

King Snakes

King snakes are a mild-mannered pet that makes its home all across the US and Mexico, with its appearance changing depending on its native region. Unlike the other snakes on this list, king snakes regularly eat other snakes as a part of their natural diet. We would highly recommend not keeping this pet with any other species of snake.  

African House Snakes

Native to sub-saharan Africa and surrounding regions, the African house snake is known to set up territories near human settlements. This makes them invaluable pest control for local farmers and families. While somewhat less well known than some of the other snakes on this list, they still make wonderful pets for a variety of homes. 

Milk Snake

Unlike the African house snake, these reptiles were not quite so welcome when nesting near humans. In fact, they were the subject of an urban legend where it was rumored that they would drink milk from local dairy cows, causing the bovines to provide a worse yield. This is, of course, where they get their name.

Final Thoughts

Owning a pet snake can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. They are long lived, docile animals that provide their own sort of companionship and comfort. If you are seeking out corn snakes for sale (or any of the other reptiles on this list, for that matter), we say go for it. However, we would also recommend that you do your homework beforehand. Especially if this is your first time owning a snake. Doing your research and taking time to prepare beforehand is the best way to set yourself up for success when purchasing any pet.

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