Opening a new Restaurant? Here is a guide to help you set up a Commercial Kitchen.

Setting up a commercial kitchen requires consideration because demand has grown steadily over the years. Several things must be done to ensure your business is safe, profitable, and efficient.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when designing a commercial kitchen, so it must be tailored. Instead, you have to consider several things when you’re planning your commercial kitchen. 

Following these tips, you can set up a commercial kitchen correctly.

Stocking up equipment

If you have designed your kitchen perfectly, the next step is to stock it efficiently with the right supplies. Entrepreneurs who want to build their commercial kitchen should list all the necessary items.

To make your commercial kitchen work properly, you need the following equipment.


It is common for commercial kitchens to have a refrigeration system, and a walk-in cooling unit is a requirement for most commercial businesses. This cold storage is controlled by a standard refrigeration system, which controls the temperature. A walk-in cooling unit has an advantage over other refrigeration units because it fits into any kitchen. In addition, they are preferred because they are easily accessible and can be quickly retrieved. Also, you’ll need an industrial freezer, whose size depends on how many frozen items you need.

Cooking equipment

The cooking equipment required for commercial kitchens depends on the menu. For example, when items are cooked over an open flame, such as on a stove or broiler, ventilation systems are needed. Therefore, if you are cooking open flame foods, you will need a broiler or open flame grill.

If you need more equipment, you might need a convection oven, grill, or deep fryer. Planning a commercial kitchen, you should also consider equipment such as meat slicers and food processors. You can get all your commercial cooking equipment at

Exhaust Hood

An exhaust hood is one of the essential items in a commercial kitchen. In addition, ceiling exhausts, furniture exhausts, and floor exhausts must prevent spices, oil, and oil stains from adhering to walls, furniture, and ceilings. 

The exhaust fans can remove fumes from the kitchen through the chimney. Using these products, it is possible to keep the kitchen clean. In addition, today’s exhaust hood canopy comes with auto-cleaning features and lights, making maintenance more convenient and less expensive.

Don’t forget about storage.

Storage is a must in a commercial kitchen. Think about the type of food you’ll store and how much space you have available. Choose a countertop that’s strong and durable. Consider another storage option, like a pantry, if your kitchen is small.


There are many benefits to a zone kitchen setup. This is ideal for restaurants, school canteens, and large hospitality establishments. Using a zoned kitchen allows for workflow distribution across separate areas, each with a distinct purpose. Countertops are generally reserved for food preparation, including spaces for slicing meat, measuring ingredients, and cutting vegetables. There are also food storage, dryers, and sanitation facilities in zone kitchens, refrigerators, dryers, and sanitation facilities. For presentations, there’s a separate plating zone. In commercial kitchens, cooking zones vary in size depending on the purpose of the kitchen. The oven and fryer are easy to set up, and grills, microwaves, and griddles would work well in small spaces.

Kitchen Layout

There’s a lot to be said about restaurant kitchen layouts. A well-designed kitchen increases efficiency, improves communication, makes the kitchen safer, and maximizes space.

Here are a few commercial kitchen layouts.

  • Island layout – This kitchen layout is best suited for commercial kitchens with ample space. 
  • Assembly line layout – The assembly line layout has a straight line between the food prep and serving areas. 
  • Galley layout – Small kitchens may benefit from this layout, with two parallel counters and a walking area. 
  • Zone-style layout – These commercial kitchens are great for this type of design because they have a variety of meals and lots of space.
  • Open kitchen layout – Open kitchens allow customers to watch the food prepared before their eyes. 

Commercial kitchen layouts offer different benefits depending on the menu type, restaurant style, and available kitchen space. However, it is the layout that determines how your commercial kitchen functions.


When setting up a commercial kitchen, stay organized, research, and keep these tips in mind.

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