Nursing Homes vs. Homecare: what’s better for the elderly in your family?

Caring for seniors is much different compared to young patients. The Elderly are more dependent on their caregivers. Old age is known for embroiling you into various illnesses, most of which are age-related issues such as hearing impairment, speech comprehension, and weaker eyesight. So, healthcare workers, or senior living environments which specialize in memory caremust be mindful of these issues when vouching for or working with older patients.

When developing a mechanism for elderly patient care, there are generally two options— nursing home and in-house care. Nursing homes certainly project the image that they are a much better option. But is it really like that, or is it nothing more than an image-building exercise like many businesses? Well, you must get this issue sorted out if you want to offer the right care to loved ones in their later years of life.

There is no denying that nursing home facilities are extremely convenient. You are outsourcing the care of your elderly to an external party. But the issue is finding out if it is really a good idea to do so. That’s what we intend to do today: find out which option is better when it comes to finding the right care facilities. You might have also heard about many cases of nursing home abuse and how they treat their residents. They cannot be a rumor because there are actual nursing home law firms that tackle such issues and seek justice for your loved ones. So, let’s have a look at both options and then decide.

Nursing home pros

You know that it is very difficult for 70% of Americans reaching the age of 65 to take care of themselves independently. Therefore, many of the kids end up leaving their parents in nursing homes in their quest to provide them with the best care.

Availability of professional care round the clock

The biggest advantage of nursing homes is that they are professional care facilities. So they are staffed with medical professionals who can offer the needed help round the clock. So, your parents can get prompt medical assistance if things go sideways. The medical staff available in a nursing home are trained to offer medical and non-medical care to the residents.

Safety for the patients

Another benefit of leaving your loved ones in a nursing home is that they are safe inside the facility. Often elderly develop dementia with age, sleepwalking, or wandering. The secure nature of these facilities can ensure their safety.

All in one convenience

As soon as you deposit a payment, the nursing home assumes all the responsibilities of your elders. You can get involved as little or as much as you want. If you have selected the right facility, they will indeed offer set-it-and-forget-it assistance.

Get social opportunities

A nursing home is a well-managed facility that provides various social opportunities to your elders which they may not have otherwise. They are looped and circled about by peers of the same age; they can discuss their stories and life events. They often find it good to interact with people of the same age. They may also feel more associated and less isolated.

Nursing home cons


Living in a nursing home is quite costly. You are not just paying for the clinical assistance, but for food, safety, and much more. In 2018, the average yearly cost of a private room in a nursing home was $8,365 per month. This number can be crippling even for well-off families.

Less independence

People living in a nursing home may complain about having their independence curtailed. This can make the elderly feel helpless and hopeless. Nursing homes have fairly rigid schedules that often do not sit well with some individuals.

Poor care and nursing home abuse

There is also the possibility that your parents do not get the level of care advertised by nursing homes. There are various nursing home abuse stories that may bar you from choosing a facility. Though there are facilities providing excellent care, such reports are enough to create panic.

Home care pros

Home care is an alternative option to nursing homes. But just like nursing homes, it has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are a few:

Staying inside your house

The main benefit of home care is that your loved ones can stay inside the house, in front of your eyes. If you ask the elders, most would not want to leave their home as it is often difficult to settle in a new place in old age. They prefer working with a CDPAP Agency — an entity contracted to provide services under the county guidelines or managed care plan that acts as a fiscal intermediary that processes and distributes payment.As a result, they are able to choose someone close to them. Besides They will also get the opportunity to age while living among their family members.

Supervise their care

When you hire a nurse assistant for the in-house care of your elders, you can supervise the quality of care. There are also no chances of abuse or neglect, as in the case of a nursing home.

Remain in their social network

In at-home care, the patient won’t have to leave their social group, routine, and surroundings. Elders feel calmer and happier in a place that feels familiar to them. The feeling of belongingness is beneficial for their mental and physical health.

No strict schedule to follow

Your parents have more independence to do what they want at their own pace. There is no pressure to eat at a fixed time or take a bath at their turn. They have more freedom to make their own decisions and have some control over their life.

Less costly

Home care is less costly; you can schedule the number of hours for which you call outside help. For instance, if elders need help for a few hours, you can hire someone on an hourly basis and stay within your budget.

Home care cons

Seniors may not be able to enjoy the company of their peers. Hence, they may feel lonely and disconnected. They may get companionship in the house care, but it is not like anything you get with people of your age. But so far, the biggest disadvantage of home care is that you might not be able to provide prompt medical care to your parents. But whatever decision you take, discuss with your parents and take their input. The more you include them in this process, the readier they will be to accept the change if any.


Whether it is home care or a nursing home, the end goal is to provide the best care to your parents. The decision to go with either of the two depends on the family and their preference. However, the compassion mentioned above can help simplify the decision. Although there are several benefits of a nursing home, the horror stories of neglect and abuse can be quite daunting, forcing one to take a different decision.

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