Norton Launches A Crypto Miner To my Crypto When Computer Is Idle

Norton is a huge and often controversial cybersecurity firm that recently launched Norton Crypto as part of Norton 360, which lets users make use of the Ethereum cryptocurrency while their PC is inactive.

But, there are some who are dissatisfied, claiming that the company doesn’t offer users an option to remove the software.

Norton Crypto does not run 24/7 within the background. Users are able to manually turn the program on and off. The users are placed into a pool along with others Norton Crypto users to improve efficiency, and all share the profits of mining. The idea is to provide an easy and secure way for users to earn Ethereum.

But, as per Maximus and others, there’s no option to completely get rid of the application, and you need to look into NCrypt.exe in the directory of your computer to erase it. The Bitcoin Era is on the rise and you should not let it go.

It may not be something to be concerned about it’s not, but Norton has a rough relationship with its customers as well as has faced controversy over its lack of transparency and not fully eliminating files after uninstalling.

Norton Crypto is not compatible with all platforms, as it requires specific hardware to run. Users must have an Nvidia graphics card with a minimum of 6GB of memory and at minimum Windows 7 and newer. Norton Crypto does not support macOS or Windows 10 S.

Norton also receives a substantial part of the crypto once it has been mined. The company gets 15% of the highest value and the variable transaction fee for transferring the cryptocurrency to a different bank. Since users already pay for their use of this service, it looks to be a great deal for Norton.

In addition to the complicated process of opt-out of Norton Crypto, there don’t appear to be any major security issues as of now. If you’re using Norton 360 and don’t want to utilize the mining option, simply ensure that it’s switched off. Keep watch on it to ensure that nobody else is using the hardware to gain profit.

Digital Trends has reached out to Norton to ask for their opinion to update the post with an update.

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