Nexus Auto Transport: Can I Track My Shipment Progress Online?

In America, there are around 290 million registered vehicles and it’s not uncommon to see households with 2 or more cars. We need our vehicles to get everywhere, so when it comes time to move, it’s wise to bring your current car with you so you have easy access to transportation.

But instead of driving it across the country for your relocation, hire a pro to do it, like Nexus Auto Transport.

Understandably, you might be nervous about leaving your precious vehicle in the hands of others. So can you track your auto shipment progress online with Nexus Auto Transport? Yes, you can!

Read on to see how to do so and what else this car shipping company offers its customers.

How to Track an Auto Shipment

To quell your anxiety, Nexus Auto Transport (and other reputable car shippers) allows you to track your auto shipment progress. This can be done in 2 ways: online and by phone.

We’ll explore each method in more detail below.

Tracking Your Auto Shipment Online

To track your auto shipment online, simply go to the home page. You’ll see a box that has 2 tabs: Select a Route and Track a Shipment. Select the second option.

On that tab, enter your email address and your order number. Click on I’m not a robot; the CAPTCHA might randomly select you to complete some tests to make sure you’re not a bot.

Then, click on Track Shipment. This should then generate live results.

You can also hop onto the live chat feature. There will always be a shipping agent who can not only update you on where your vehicle is, but also answer any questions you may have.

The beauty of online tracking is you can log on at any time and get peace of mind knowing exactly where your car is.

Tracking Your Auto Shipment by Phone

Nexus Auto Transport also lets you track your auto shipment by phone. More specifically, they’ll give you the contact details of the driver so you can speak with them.

Speaking with a live person can eliminate fears, especially since it’s the driver personally handling your vehicle. However, the downside to this is that they only answer their phone during certain hours. So if you want to check on your car outside of those hours, it’s best to do it online.

What Else Does Nexus Auto Transport Offer?

Maybe hearing about the comprehensive auto shipping tracking services has you curious about Nexus Auto Transport. Well, they’re one of the best auto transport companies to use! Here’s why.

They’re Punctual

There’s already enough stress surrounding a move. You shouldn’t be subject to anxious foot-tapping, waiting and wondering where the trucker is for pickup.

Nexus Auto Transport prides themselves on being professional and punctual. You can count on their drivers to arrive exactly when they say they will. And if they hit unexpected snags, they’ll contact you so you know what to expect.

They Ship to All 50 States

Some auto shippers only provide service to certain areas of the nation. This can be frustrating when you’re inputting information to request a quote.

Not to worry with Nexus Auto Transport though. They’ll transport your car anywhere in the US!

They Use a Certified Fleet

Anyone can just buy a hauler, drive vehicles around, and call themselves a car shipper. So you need to be careful when selecting a company, as you’ll want your car to be transported in the safest conditions possible.

Nexus Auto Transport uses a certified fleet of car shippers, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is safeguarded. They only have the best, most experienced drivers working for them.

They Have Affordable Prices

Don’t worry about price gouging with Nexus Auto Transport. These professionals aim to offer the most competitive prices around so you don’t have to spend a fortune shipping your car. They always have an eye on the market and adjust their prices accordingly.

They Offer Free, No-Obligation Quotes

On that note, you should see for yourself just how affordable Nexus Auto Transport is. They’ll give you a free quote after you fill in some details about your shipping needs. Not only that, but you’ll get several options and prices so you have some wiggle room.

Because these are no-obligation quotes, you’re free to say “no” at any time. You’re also free to look around and request other quotes. In fact, they highly encourage you to do that to avoid being ripped off!

They Don’t Charge a Reservation Fee

Many car shipping companies will charge a reservation fee. If you’re lucky, this will be refundable.

But Nexus Auto Transport doesn’t bother with that at all. You’ll get to reserve auto transport services without paying a cent!

They Have Comprehensive Insurance

All auto transport companies are required by law to have cargo insurance. However, many companies will have only the bare minimum to save on costs.

Nexus Auto Transport is fully insured against all accidental damages. So in case of emergencies, you’ll be fully reimbursed for your damaged vehicle.

Choose the Best Car Shipping Company

Now that you know a little more about Nexus Auto Transport, it’s clear to see that they’re the best auto transport option around. Not only do they allow you to track your vehicle at any time, but they also go above and beyond to provide their customers with exemplary service.

If you want an auto shipper that’ll take care of your car as if it were their own, then you can’t go wrong with Nexus Auto Transport!

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