Necklace Designs of Your Dreams

Since we were little girls, we have dreamt of having precious jewelry that can make us feel special. We all have wanted dainty jewelry pieces that could be put on to add some sparkle to our outfits, and one of the best ways to do this is by getting a shiny necklace for yourself.

Necklaces are beautiful jewelry piece that has been worn by women of all ages for many years. It can take your look to the next level and make you stand apart from the crowd. Shopping for necklaces can seem like a hassle since you have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

To help you in getting only the best necklace designs out there, we would advise you to check out the collection at Mia by Tanishq. All their jewelry pieces including necklaces are carefully crafted for modern women and you will be sure to find a necklace that you love.

Here are some necklaces from Mia by Tanishq that can satisfy all your jewelry cravings online magazine.

Minimal Layers

The first necklace that can inspire you to elevate your everyday style is this dainty and charming double-layered necklace. With minimal designs trending today, this 14kt yellow gold piece with a chain design can be a great choice.

This classy design makes for perfect workwear and everyday jewelry. You can easily style this for your Monday morning meeting. Simply put on a neutral beige blouse with brown tapered trousers. Add this precious and dainty gold piece to complete your look.

Precious Choker

We have all worn a choker necklace at least once in our lives. Even with a simple design, they have a striking appeal, and so does this stunning choker necklace with a string-like design that is held together by gold pegs. This meticulously designed piece of jewelry is perfect for you.

Some of the leaf-like pegs are studded with diamonds that add more sparkle to this choker necklace. Since this is a statement piece, you might want to keep your outfit simple yet graceful. You can go with a long sleek black dress with a low neckline to let this choker necklace shine in your elegant look.

Hibiscus Sparkle

Lastly, this eye-catching necklace that is inspired by hibiscus flowers is sure to turn heads in any room you step into. It consists of a lovely floral work design with petals on top of one another that are encrusted with diamonds.

Along the chain on both sides are little pink flowers blooming that add even more color to this necklace. You can put on this statement necklace to add some color and pizzaz to any outfit when you are going to a fancy brunch, wedding, or office event.

How to Style Necklaces?

Many may believe that you can simply throw on a necklace with any outfit and call it a day, but that is not the case. Knowing how to style different jewellery pieces is an art that takes time to master.

One of the first things to remember is to ensure that the neckline of your top is appropriate enough to not clash with the necklace. You should also ensure that your necklace suits your outfit and the occasion you are going to. Styling heavy necklaces is suitable for events like a party or a late-night event.

To add bling to your everyday look, simple and minimalist silver or gold necklaces should be the route you take. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to hop on the style bandwagon, head onto Mia by Tanishq today!

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