Myths vs. facts about CBD you thought you knew

CBD has emerged as a raging health and wellness trend, with manufacturers adding it to every household product. Markets are abuzz with CBD-enriched shampoos, conditioners, skincare essentials, household cleaning products, supplements, painkillers, and standalone CBD edibles. All these products claim to provide CBD oil’s nutritional healing benefits with gross exaggeration and misinformation.

CBD is subject to rampant misinformation and advertising exaggerations that breed damaging myths like other raging wellness trends.

These myths encourage communities to develop negative mindsets, denying CBD to people who need its therapeutic benefits. For instance, parents cannot treat their children using CBD oil without attracting the ire of community members and child protective services.

Likewise, athletes cannot enhance their performance and treat seizures with CBD without violating institutional drug policies and losing hard-earned scholarships. Tackling these damaging myths with factual, research-driven facts is crucial to ensure communities worldwide can benefit from CBD usage.

Keep reading to bust some commonly circulating CBD myths with evidence-based facts.

Myth#1: CBD doesn’t have any clinically proven health benefits.

Millions worldwide, including medical practitioners, question the clinical reliability of CBD-induced health benefits and therapeutic effects. Individuals who argue that CBD benefits aren’t backed by clinical research need to broaden their horizons with innovative research tools.

There’s a wealth of clinical studies and laboratory trials validating the addition of CBD in physical and mental health treatments.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the world’s most trusted public health authority, validates CBD as an effective treatment for epilepsy. CBD is also considered a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Sourcing CBD can prove immensely challenging, but a quick Google search can help you connect with licensed providers.

Suppose you’re looking to obtain a prescription for CBD edibles in North Carolina. In that case, make a location-based search query using the keywords “CBD edibles North Carolina” to find the nearest pharmacies. Given the misinformation around its clinical and therapeutic benefits, most pharmacies avoid controversy by refusing to stock CBD products.

However, the burgeoning clinical research supporting CBD as a viable and effective pain treatment has contributed to its popularity. Pharmacies, local CBD stores, and online CBD providers make CBD-derived products more accessible and available for all.

People who opt for CBD-based treatments have to fight social stigmas, prejudices, and the discerning eyes of anti-CBD advocates.

It will take a comprehensive awareness movement to eliminate misinformation and negative attitudes to enhance CBD accessibility. Till then, patients benefitting from CBD’s therapeutic effects can rely on licensed CBD providers online and offline.

Many people opt for CBD treatments to overcome substance use addictions, sleep disorders, and hypertension. These developments are monumental, and the FDA approval further cements the clinical significance of CBD treatments.

Myth2: CBD affects everyone the same way.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not impact every mind and body the same way. And these differences in its therapeutic effects make it challenging for practitioners to design uniform CBD treatments for various diseases.

CBD’s impact on a patient depends on several factors, including health state, genetics, and most importantly, CBD interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

Isn’t it oddly intriguing how some people use CBD for pain relief and chronic symptoms while others for relaxation and mood-stabilizing? For instance, patients seeking stress relief enjoy mental relaxation and feelings of happiness. In contrast, people seeking relief from chronic pain experience feelings of numbness and muscle relaxation.

How is CBD capable of bringing such strikingly different effects in every case? It all boils down to the unique differences in every individual’s endocannabinoid system. CBD, like other adaptogens, affects everyone differently by morphing to meet the unique needs of its consumer.

Myth#3: CBD is a scam to sell more products.

We won’t lie to you by stating that this myth is based entirely on misinformation. Truth be told, the wellness industry has a rich history of manipulating and exaggerating facts to make money. The inclusion of CBD in every wellness and grooming product known to humankind is an extensively planned profiteering campaign.

Exaggerating the applications of CBD to sell a mascara, bath bomb, or a tall jar of overpriced moisturizer is indeed a scam.

Consumers must prioritize clinical research and consult practitioners while exploring CBD treatments and products. In most cases, doctors and holistic practitioners advise CBD-based treatments to enhance life quality and ease chronic symptoms.

Suppose you’re contemplating the purchase of a CBD-infused shampoo and conditioner set to prevent hair fall and hair loss. In that case, it’s advisable to verify the credibility of the brand/manufacturer and do your research on CBD’s hair care benefits. Consumers need to become more aware of CBD’s clinically proven benefits to avoid falling for money-grabbing scams.

Final Thoughts

Millions of people struggling with chronic pain, epileptic seizures, jittery hand movements, and chronic depression turn to CBD for sustainable relief. CBD provides a sustainable treatment with lasting results compared to antibiotics and NSAIDs with terrible side effects.

Medical science is increasingly advocating CBD as a viable treatment to eliminate the side effects of treatments like chemotherapy.

Individuals and families planning to embrace CBD as part of their health and wellness practices must conduct rigorous research. It’s wise to consult your family practitioner or a holistic healer to learn how CBD products can help fulfill your wellness needs.

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