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New York City, NY  20/01/2023 – When creativity meets music, artists like Mr.Traficante come to the canvas of musical legacies. Mr. Traficante, a very talented and versatile singer, musician, and songwriter, is excited to announce the release of his newest single, “Stay Sleeping.”

Mr.Traficante has already gained a huge fan following for his unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, Spanish, reggaeton, and Caribbean-style music. He is in the music industry to contribute with his heart-touching and groovy musical vibes to make the journey smooth.

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Mr. Traficante’s passion for music runs deep, stemming from his father’s and grandmother’s love of good poetry. He has been influenced by artists like Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Eminem, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, and Drake. With a target audience of women, Mr. Traficante’s music comes from a place of desire and determination, channeling his energy and expressing it through sound.

Mr. Traficante‘s first-ever performance was at Webster Hall in New York City, and since then, he has performed at high-caliber venues such as Barcode in Elizabeth, NJ. He aims to motivate people through his music and in life, spreading positivity wherever he can. His songs range from those written in just five minutes to others that took five months to complete.

Mr. Traficante has signed multiple record deals and has had his music played on Hot 97, a prominent hip-hop radio station on the east coast, broadcasting in areas such as New York and New Jersey. His most successful song to date is “Like a Banka,” which has garnered over 100k views on YouTube and more on other platforms.

Mr. Traficante has just finished shooting the music video for “Stay Sleeping” in Miami and is excited to share it with his fans.

For more information on Mr. Traficante and his work, please contact him via email at

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