Lucia Loi: Wiki, Bio, Hobbies, Education, Marcus Rashford Girlfriend, Wife

Lucia Loi is a super famous girlfriend of star footballer player Marcus Rashford. Lucia was born somewhere in 1998. She hails from Manchester, United Kingdom.

Lucia represents multicultural roots (ethnicity). She follows the Christian religion just like her beloved partner. Lucia’s zodiac sign is unknown as we are still looking to know about her exact birth date.

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Lucia Loi: Hobbies and Favourite Things      

Lucia Loi is indeeed a huge lover of pop music. One can see her mostly listening and singing the music of Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. Lucia likes to do play pool, dancing, drawing and climbing mountains. Lucia is a huge lover of web series. She likes most of Netflix and Amazon prime series. A-League of Their Own is her favourite television show.

Lucia’s favourite movie is Manchester by the Sea. She is in love with the work of American actor and director Casey Affleck. Lucia Loi’s beloved holiday destination is Paris, France. Lucia enjoys Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Indian cuisines. Pizza is her favourite dish. Pink, green, red and black are favourite colours. Lucia does like tattoos but does not feel too obsessed with it in many different ways.

Lucia Loi: Schooling, Childhood, Boyfriend, Family, Education 

Loi and Marcus Rashford

Lucia Loi’s mother is Vicky Loi. She indeed spent most of her childhood with her mother and brother Alex Loi. Many members of her family live in Italy. Therefore, she does visit the nation regularly.

Lucia has indeed done her graduation in a first-class honours style. From Manchester Metropolitan University, she completed her education as an advertising and brand management student.

She is now a PR and advertising professional. She has worked for a PR company named Sugar in Manchester for the post of account executive. Lucia is indeed a very bright student. She has indeed played a huge role to push Marcus Rashford to work hard for the free-school meals for the unprivileged kids. This very campaign has helped many people in the United Kingdom.

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With the help of the British government, Lucia and Marcus have helped the nation to set great examples for many nations in Europe and across the globe. Lucia and Marcus Rashford have been living together since 2015. In 2016, Rashford earned a professional contract from Manchester United. She shared this update with her near and dear friends on Instagram.

Since this very move, Lucia has been in the media’s eye. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, she supported Marcus Rashford in Russia. They even celebrated many golden moments together. Loi loves Marcus Rashford and pushes her level best to make the world a little better for poor kids and their families. Lucia Loi can speak English and Italian languages.       

Lucia Loi: Physical Stats 

She stands five feet and five feet tall. Her body weight mostly stays at the mark of 50 kg. Lucia’s body measurements are 32-28-32 inches. Lucia dark brown eyes and dark brown hair provide her with a better look. Lucia’s feet size is 6 (US), and the dress size is 2 (US). 

She does like to remain fit and does put her level best keep her fitness level.       

Social Media 

Lucia Loi has a huge Instagram following. She has over 38k followers on Instagram. Despite her account is private, Lucia Loi has a decent following. Hence, she uses her social media account to promote the goodwill of Marcus Rashford.

Net Worth 

Lucia Loi has just started her professional career. Her professional indeed can’t make her earn millions. Lucia’s partner Marcus Rashford is famous and the super-rich. Thus, financial burdens are not at the highest level. 

Partner Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford is a professional football player. He plays for Manchester United and England. He made his Three Lions debut in 2016. Rashford is an important part of the fabric of the Red Devils.

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