Kuromi Aesthetic: Magical Touch, Creative Look

Kuromi Aesthetic does indeed have many stories to tell that people do not know. She is being played by Junko Takeuchi, who is a well-known Japanese actress. One could have seen her making an impact in Fantasy Magic Melody and Onegai My Melody: Kuru Kuru Shuffle!. 

Indeed, she is one of the most famous rabbits in the whole world. Unlike normal rabbits, Kuromi does hold some magical power that does make an impact in the very best way. Hence, it does lead a person to glory. This is indeed the best part about Kuromi and her way of seeing this world, which seems to be magical. 

Kuromi Aesthetic: Look and Feel 

Kuromi Aesthetic does have a look and feels that is indeed very hard to beat. She does wear a black jester’s hat that does hold a pink skull on the front and she does have the same tail. It does indeed give her a magical look and feel. She has huge eyes and four eyebrows. 

Her custom does look great with small four pink balls on the neckline. She likes to keep her tongue out for giving a cute look. It does indeed make things fantastic. This does tell a lot and does make most things look pleasing and creative. The way she walks and does make an impact do tell a lot about her.  

Kuromi Aesthetic: Brave 

Kuromi Aesthetic does indeed show how brave she is and how things can be great with her making a difference. She does carry herself like one independent lady and does make most things look magical. Just like Lord Shiva, she has a Trisula type of weapon. She loves pink colour, one can always see her having Trisula in the same colour. 

Kuromi is so brave she can save both men and women in the very best way. The way she does take care of her body career does talk a lot about Kuromi and her amazing behaviour which is to never say die attitude and always fight for justice.

Kuromi Aesthetic: Inspiration 

Kuromi Aesthetic does give inspiration to several ladies that with hard work, one can have the ability to fight of their own. It does make the very best impact and does lead a person to a stable level. 

Kuromi Aesthetic
What does make Kuromi special?

Hence, it does open a window that makes others feel that things can be better when there is a plan to make the very best impact. Hence, one can see the ability of Kuromi as an inspiration to follow as the way they do treat people does make an impact. It does talk a lot about Kuromi and her magical look and feel. 

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  • Kuromi (mandatory)
  • Dark pink or purple filters
  • Check pattern
  • Skull arches
  • Devil tails
  • Chains

Kuromi Aesthetic of fashion

  • Kuromi ears hair band
  • Piercings
  • Face stickers
  • Studded necklaces
  • Skull pins
  • Harnesses
  • Chain belts
  • Frilly monochrome dresses
  • Plaid pleated skirts
  • Short devil tail
  • Striped stockings or fishnet stockings
  • Platform shoes or boots
  • Character merchandise (stuffed animals, pins, etc.)
  • Kuromi hair clips and berets

Kuromi Aesthetic of makeup

  • Pink or purple eyeshadow
  • Drawn eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Black round lenses
  • Horizontal blush
  • Darker lipstick
  • Pointed artificial nails


Kuromi Aesthetic does have the freshness that does make an impact creatively. She comes with fresh vibes and does make the very best impact. It does indeed talk a lot about having a look and feel that does make a creative impact. Kuromi does have the magical touch that does talk a lot about her aim to make an impact in the very best way. The way she does inspire others does talk a lot. This is what does make Kuromi a special and creative person as she has all that a woman needs around the world which is an equal platform.  

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