IT Development Company: How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing the right IT development company for your business can be challenging. You want to make sure that you and your team will work together and that they’ll deliver on time. Here are the tips for choosing the right one:

1.) Make Sure They Understand Your Market

If you want to make sure that they will understand your business, make sure to take them through what you do step by step.

They should know what your company does and how it works in general before starting the project’s development.

This way, they already have specific knowledge about your company; they won’t have to waste time with any research on their end.

2.) Ask For References

It can be a two-fold question: ask if you can get in touch with some of their previous clients and check on what they think about the company, or, better yet, ask them why they chose that company specifically!

If the answer lies in the personal relationship they have with the company, ask them what they like about their interactions.

3.) Choose A Company That Will Be Available When You Need Them To Be

This one may look obvious, but it’s worth mentioning! When you’re working on something big, you’ll want to ensure that your team is available when you need them.

If they’re always on vacation or aren’t answering their emails, that’s not a company you want to work with.

4.) See What Kind Of Development Process They Use

This one is important because it’ll help you understand how IT optimization and the other stages will occur.

Make sure to ask them what IT design they use and estimate how long each stage will take.

5.) Make Sure To Understand The Technologies They Will Be Using

Another simple one, but worth mentioning! You want to make sure that they will be using the right technologies for your business.

If you’re a software company, you should ask them if they will be using mobile-first technologies; maybe ask for a case study of their recent projects.

6.) Ask For A List Of The Latest Features And Integrations That They Offer

When you choose to work with an IT administration company, make sure that it’s because they fit your business needs and not because they’re the only ones offering a particular feature. You should know what you’ll be getting when you work with them.

7.) Make Sure They Will Do The Project On Time And Within Your Budget

It is probably one of the most important things to look for! If you already have an estimate of how much the IT solutions cost, try to find a company that is within your budget and can deliver on time.

If they’re pushing the deadline, you’ll lose money and might not be able to meet yours.

8.) Try Their Work First

If this is an option for you, definitely try it out! You don’t want to choose a company based on how good their sales team is if they can’t even deliver on what you’re asking for.

9.) Search For Reviews About Them Online

If it’s an option, look for reviews of their recent projects online, or ask your colleagues who have used similar services before.

That way, you’ll get a better idea of how the company is doing and whether or not you should work with them.

10.) Make Sure They Will Provide Support After The Project Is Finished

If this is an option, you should ask for it! Most companies offer a year of free support after the project has been delivered and tested.

Choosing a company that offers this might be a great way to ensure your product is doing well after the project has been completed.

Of course, some companies provide this for free, and others will charge you based on the number of users or contracts, etc.

11.) Make Sure To Choose A Company That Will Offer Frequent Updates About The Project Status

When you’re working with a team developing something new for your business, you should know how it’s going and whether or not they’re on the right track.

Ask them for updates now and then, and make sure to test their work before delivering it to your clients.

12.) Find Out What They Can Do For Your Business!

Ask them about the different services they offer and whether they are suitable for your company.

You can indeed find something interesting in their portfolio, so make sure to ask about their best work and what they’re capable of doing for your business.

13.) Ask Them If They Will Be Able To Deal With Different Time Zones

If you and your key stakeholders can’t meet during regular business hours, or if their team needs to work on your project at a time that’s convenient for you, ask them about whether or not they’re open to dealing with this.

Of course, there’ll always be specific hours that will be impossible to communicate with each other, but you should at least know if this is an option or not.


When choosing an IT development company, the most important thing to consider is how well you and your team work together. You have to select a team that will be able to work under your conditions, one that will listen to you, and most importantly, one capable of delivering the results they promise.

At House of IT, we pride ourselves on working with you and your team to deliver the best results possible. We’re always listening to feedback and making sure that we’re adding new features based on your and your users’ feedback. 

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