Is Whisky Stronger than Vodka? Find Out Here!

You must have noticed two individuals sitting in the bar, arguing with each other about whether Whisky is stronger than Vodka or vice versa. This is going to be a constant debate even though these distilled spirits have a fine line between them.

Whisky and Vodka are produced in more or less the same way using fermentation. The differences, however, might be in terms of color, taste, tannins level, notes, etc. If you want to find out more about their differences, continue reading this article.

1.  Byproducts Used

If we talk about Vodka first, it is formed from food such as corn or barley. This is because the starch content in these food items is really high, and that is exactly what Vodka formation seeks. Just like Vodka, Whisky is formed through fermentation as well but from different food items such as wheat or rye.

The only difference as far as manufacturing is concerned during the process of malting is in the case of Whisky. In this process, germination of the grains takes place. These are later mashed before fermentation takes place. Whisky also tends to go through a waiting period of around six months in oak barrels, but Vodka does not need such measures.

2.  Impact on Health

The impact of Vodka or Whisky can only be positive if the drinking game of an individual is not too strong. If you drink one glass of Whisky or Vodka every day, that can positively impact your health.

Vodka has many healing properties, such as a reduced risk of heart attacks and diabetes. This is mainly because of the byproducts that are used to make these. On the other hand, Whisky may act as an antioxidant for you. It helps in breaking the bad fat in your body, which lessens the chance of high cholesterol.

3.  Varying Taste

The main difference between any drink tends to start here. If we talk about Whisky first, the taste of this drink is rather on the spicier, citrusy, and slightly fruitier side. You will feel a strong kick or buzz the second you take the first sip of Whisky any day.

On the other hand, Vodka rather is a mixture of multiple fruits, but it does not have a sharp taste as Whisky does.

Its taste is rather bland and can be more subtle to suit your liking. You can easily make unique combinations or cocktails using Vodka. You can find the perfect whisky at

4.  Aftereffects

Every drink that you sip on provides a different aftertaste. Just like that, every drink also has a different aftereffect. If you want to be intoxicated quickly, you must grab a bottle of whisky as it has such properties that can make you numb.

Vodka, on the other hand, tends to take some time and is often preferred less than whisky in clubs. The aftereffects of whisky are stronger than that of vodka. It directly impacts your liver, and excessive consumption can even lead to its failure.

So this tells us that Whisky is stronger than Vodka because of its ability to intoxicate faster, the burning sensation it provides to the customers when they take their first sip, and also the process of making whisky is a lot of time-consuming. The oak barrels make it taste more powerful.



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