Is Social Media Safe for Your Kids?

Though social media is considered to be a platform for fun and entertainment for kids as well as adults. But, is that true? Should you rely on social media when your kids are spending most time of their day on it? Having fun now and then is fine but what bothers the parents is that kids are getting addicted to the use of social media. They are into social media so much that they even forget to perform simpler activities that they are supposed to do. So, where does that leaves the parents? Should they leave kids with this entertaining platform or do something about this?

Social media was not considered a danger for kids until the cases of cyberbullying and suicide piled up and took over the news. Innocent young kids were hurting themselves because of the trauma that they faced on social media. When such things come up, you cannot help but think if your kid is safe or not. They are spending their time on social media supposedly having a lot of fun but what are they doing? Are they moving toward being a victim of such bad things? Parents need to do something about it and that is why most of them are learning about how to hack someone’s Snapchat so that they can keep an eye on their kids.

Is Social Media Dangerous?

When we talk about social media, all the fun things come up. It is all about sharing stuff, connecting, sharing beautiful memories, and whatnot. You can connect with the people who live far away from you through social media. So, there might be too much fun on social media but are the kids mature enough to use it wisely? They are becoming the victim of many dangerous things such as:


Cyberbullying is very common when kids start using social media to fulfill their agendas. They take their school rivalries to social media and humiliate each other as much as they can. To put each other through misery, they also end up sharing secrets that can hurt someone badly. If you look around, you will find plenty of news about kids committing suicide because of cyberbullying.


Sexting is another way of blackmailing each other. It starts as a normal and healthy relationship but soon it takes the shape of misery when the things that they shared are publicized after breakups. Such things can hurt kids. They share inappropriate stuff to enhance the value of the relationship but soon they end up humiliating each other with the same stuff which is quite depressing.


Many kids are seen to be developing depression because of the constant use of social media. They don’t only use social media, but they live it. They see other people and think why are they not like them? They start questioning their quality of life and much more. Moreover, online relationships on social media are very heartbreaking because they end up sooner or later. This puts the kids through so much misery and they end up falling into depression.

Social media is a good platform and parents know better than anyone that you cannot stop their kids from using it. So, why not let them use it wisely? Guide them about the things that they might face and use tools to monitor them. Also, learn how to hack someone’s Snapchat to keep an eye on them.

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