Is React Native Push Notifications The Most Trending Thing Now?

With the advancement in technologies, mobile marketing strategies have evolved; resultant React Native push notifications have become the trend. Learn how. 


With each passing year, competition is growing rapidly. Thus, re-engaging users has become daunting for marketers. However, one of the hottest techniques to stay connected with users is React Native Push Notifications

These have become the fastest and most secure way to boost customer retention, increase brand awareness, and build a strong relationship with customers. The best about push is it increases customer engagement, which is needed to gain higher ROI in business.

In this article, we will walk you through why push notifications are important and why it is the most trending thing nowadays. Let’s begin!

What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the small messages that appear straight on the user’s mobile or desktop even when the user hasn’t operated your app for so long. React Native Push notifications are specially designed to grab users’ attention and share reminders or updates. In addition, it includes the message’s title, body, images, and link URL. Though, you can include emojis or different elements to make notifications easy to read and clickable. 

Why Are React Native Push Notifications Important?

Push notifications are the most convenient ways nowadays to communicate with your audience and make your marketing a little easier. Now, it’s time to check the benefits of mobile marketing. 

  • Increase Customer Base

With push notifications, you have robust power to attract more customers to your business. They help you send regular updates and reminders to the customers, so your audience engages with your content even if they are not interested in your app.

However, by reading current survey reports, 2017 users are more interested in receiving notifications than in 2015. This means marketers offer a great opportunity to establish easy and regular communication with notifications.

  1. Boost Customer Retention Rate

Many mobile applications on a user’s phone are not in use. Push notifications are the true way to turn those apps into use. When you send pop-ups to the users regarding their benefits or offers, there are chances that the customer retention rate increases. In addition, notifications act as a reminder of what they’re missing. 

  1. Improve Conversion Rates

The secret to improving conversion rate is sending messages timely. Push notifications are the right way to do it since it creates a sense of urgency among customers. For instance, if your customer abandoned carts or left the store without purchasing the item. To fix this issue, a push notifications campaign plays an important role. You can send notifications to users about sales or other offers on the product about 3 to 4 times that later turn into a sale. 

  1.   Target The Right Audience

Another important benefit of react-native push notifications is companies have a great opportunity to personalize the customer’s experience. Plus, you can send mobile notifications that apply to the user’s region and time. Also, you can target users based on their interests and choices.

  1. Reduce Efforts In the Customer Journey

With push notifications, Services Companies can place deep links that direct users to a certain place in your app. Deep links are a guaranteed way to engage users with your app, and when combined with a strong call to action, users are more likely to take the desired action. Besides that, push notifications are the best way to drive users’ attention and break valuable deals with them.

Why React Native Push Notifications Are Trending?

Below we are sharing the top reasons why push notifications have become the first choice of every marketer to maximize their profits. 

  • Push Notifications Are Actionable

Push notifications are highly actionable than email. Push pop-ups are instantly displayed on the user’s mobile, which facilitates easy communication. All the users need to do is click on the notification, take immediate action, and increase user engagement with your application.

  1. Push Doesn’t Need Email-address

When you’re using a push notification platform for your app, another advantage you will find is that it doesn’t require anything like email. If your user has subscribed to your channel, you can send messages there and grab users’ attention easily.

  1. Push Notifications Doesn’t Need Phone Number

Once you have installed the react-native push notifications for your app, you can get the token or code when the user downloads your app. That’s all. Now, you are capable enough to send notifications to users whenever you want. Plus, you have genuine leads instead of wrong phone numbers and emails with push. 

  1. Push Notifications Are Personal

Another benefit of push notifications, they offer easy personalization. In contrast to SMS, they come with rigid limitations of formatting and characters. For example, iOS offers to make creative and custom push notifications with sound effects, whilst android allows you to add an image to push. 

  1. Push Notifications Are Cost-effective

If we jump on cost, push notifications are much cheaper than email and SMS marketing. An SMS company needs to hire dedicated staff and a telephone network to access the process whilst push can be sent online. Also, push doesn’t require additional cost and effort. Write a short & crisp message and see the magic. 

Final Verdict

With the above information, we hope you understand why and how push notifications are changing the mobile marketing trends. So, if you have not opted to push yet, it’s time to get it and scale your business growth. However, to install and start with react-native push notifications must check WonderPush.  

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