Is Magic Spoon Cereal Worth the Hype?

There’s nothing quite like eating a bowl of cereal with milk. Whether you’re the kind of person to grab a bowl of cereal before you rush out the door, or the kind of person to curl up on the couch and eat cereal for dinner, this treat is refreshing, sweet, and brings back all the feelings of childhood nostalgia. 

Cereal is a delicious treat, and with Magic Spoon cereal, it can be nutritious, too! Other brands of cereal are packed with sugars, carbs, and some other not so great ingredients, but Magic Spoon is a nutritionist approved cereal with considerably healthier flavor options. 

Is Magic Spoon worth the hype? Take a look below to find out for yourself. 

Nutritional Benefits of Magic Spoon

When you think of cereal, you probably don’t think of a healthy treat. Instead, we tend to think of cereal as a sugary treat you let yourself enjoy once in a while. You may even think of eating cereal as “cheating”. But Magic Spoon takes cereal in a different direction.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s break down some of the nutritional benefits of Magic Spoon cereal below. 

High in Protein

One of the most surprising nutritional benefits of Magic Spoon is its high protein content. Protein is necessary for the body’s ability to make new cells, repair injured cells, physical growth and development, and energy. Without enough protein, you may feel fatigued, crave sugar, or feel hungry often, even after eating. 

Magic Spoon cereal is high in protein, with 13 to 14 grams of complete protein in each serving. Which ingredients contribute to these high levels of protein? Milk Protein blend and Peanut Flour are responsible for Magic Spoon’s high protein content. 

Milk Protein Blend is made of whey protein concentrate and casein. Together, these ingredients contribute an excellent source of amino acids that blend together and create the perfect protein source. 

Peanut Flour is a rich source of plant-based protein, with a range of vitamins and minerals as well. This ingredient contains protein, potassium, and zinc. 

Low in Carbs

When considering the nutritional benefits of Magic Spoon, it’s important to note that their formulas are low in carbs. Not all carbs are bad for your body, but too many carbs in an unbalanced meal can contribute to gaining weight and lead to a range of other health concerns. 

Magic spoon uses a blend of sunflower oil, avocado oil, and low carb ingredients for a total of just three net carbs and less than half a gram of saturated fats. This is excellent for those on a ketogenic diet, a low carb diet, or just someone who wants to eat intuitively! 

Zero Grams of Sugar

The standard breakfast cereal is packed with sugar. In fact, the average box of cereal contains almost 20 grams of sugar in each serving. This is the same amount of sugar as a frappuccino. Starting your day with that much sugar can lead to a crash later on. 

Magic Spoon contains zero grams of sugar in each serving. That’s right, zero. With no cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols, you can enjoy natural sweetener blend from Monk Fruit and Allulose, a natural sugar found in figs or maple syrup. 

Grain & Gluten Free

Magic Spoon is also grain and gluten free for easier digestion! With no gluten ingredients or wheat, rice, and soy, you can enjoy the same crunch of other cereals without the irritating grains. 

How is Magic Spoon Different Than the Standard Breakfast Cereal?

Magic Spoon offers a range of nutritional benefits like high protein, low carbs, low sugars, and alternative ingredients to be grain free. How does this compare to the standard breakfast cereal? The average breakfast cereal contains around 21 net carbs and only two grams of protein. Compared to Magic Spoon, which offers 13 to 14 grams of protein and only three net carbs, the difference is astounding.

Plus, with gluten free and grain free formulas, what’s not to love about this nostalgic, alternative cereal. With zero sugars and intentional ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this is the perfect cereal to brighten your day without any of the cereal guilt. 

A Tasty Spoonful of Nostalgia & Nutrition

Is Magic Spoon worth the hype? We think so. After all, it’s called Magic Spoon for a reason. Enjoy the same nostalgic cereal you had as a kid without any of the guilt or sugar crashes! With Magic Spoon, you can enjoy high protein, low carbs, no sugars, and smooth digestion as it’s free of grains and gluten. With plant-based ingredients and natural flavors, there’s no better way to enjoy the same flavors you enjoyed as a kid.

Enjoy a nostalgic Saturday morning with your favorite cartoons or a lazy Sunday night dinner with Magic Spoon’s delicious flavors like Fruity, Frosted, Cocoa, and Peanut Butter.  

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