Internet Addiction and Benefits of Playing Internet Bingo

Internet bingo has all social and fun elements one can expect to have from a pastime. Huge bingo halls have been replaced by online bingo websites and the circle of bingo players has also increased its diameter with the help of online bingo version of the popular game. The credit should go to the advantages offered by online bingo over the game played inside a traditional setup.

The Advantages

The first advantage of playing online bingo is that it allows the players to be flexible in choosing their own hours to play the online game as it is usually witnessed in several casino websites including the Thai casino. Hence, the bingo casino game is available as a recreational activity on the internet, allowing the players to prepare their own schedule to enjoy it. An associated benefit is that people don’t need to leave their home and spend traveling expenses to reach the bingo hall. It is just a wonderful gaming experience.

Next and important benefit to count is the no deposit bingo, a free version of the game available only at the online casinos. With the help of no deposit bingo, one can play to practice the game and some of the online casinos also offer that guaranteed prize money for the players choosing the free bingo games.

Play Anonymously with Internet Bingo

Most of the casino players are still hesitant in disclosing their identity while gambling with online bingo games. Online bingo allows these players to play anonymously, without disclosing their identity in public. Not even the fellow players at an online casino will be able to know who you are and from which part of the world are you participating in bingo.

Change It When You Like It

Another benefit of playing Internet bingo at online casinos is that one can easily change the gambling website, if he or she is not satisfied by their current site of playing. As obvious, this benefit takes a backseat in the case of traditional casinos. On the other hand, it takes only a few seconds to change the online bingo hall and move to the next one.

There are several software providers to support “Best Card Highlighting” and “Best Card Sorting”. These features give players communal pleasantries which is free to enjoy.

East to Learn, Fun to Play

Finally, it is easy to learn about various types of online bingo games from online resources, Forums, discussion boards, tutorials and many informative resources can be easily found online to get familiar with bingo. With so many benefits around, one can estimate the popularity bingo is going to attain in the nearby future. Get familiar with bingo and rake in some extra cash. However, let us have a look at internet addiction below and how to overcome it.

Internet Addiction

The internet’s soaring popularity has simplified life for many individuals. One can shop, research information and socially interact without having to leave home.

Criteria for Internet Addiction

The American Psychiatric Association has set certain criteria that an individual must meet to be classified as having internet addiction disorder (IAD). In addition, she must display three or more of these symptoms during a 12-month period to meet these criteria.

Tolerance refers to when the individual has developed a rising need for more time on the internet to gain gratification. Another criteria is if the individual displays two or more of the withdrawal symptoms within days or a month after stopping or slowing internet use. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, trembling, harboring obsessive thoughts about internet activities and dreaming about the Internet. If the individual uses the internet just to avoid withdrawal symptoms, if she uses it longer than intended and if she reduces or abandons close relationships, her job or educational pursuits because of her Internet use, she has met the criteria for IAD.

Internet Addiction Comparability

Kimberly S. Young (Psy.D.) held a study on almost 500 heavy Internet users; the results revealed that IAD is a psychophysiological (deals with thoughts, emotions and behavior) disorder that is closely compared to the behavior exhibited by a pathological gambler. The effects of IAD are just as devastating as those of an alcoholic.

Premise for Internet Addiction

Some people develop addictions based on certain traumas they may have encountered in their childhood or because of specific personality traits or inherited psychological illnesses. These individuals may be at a high risk of developing an addiction to drugs, gambling, sex, shopping or computer-related activities, but may never actually develop an addiction. Conversely, if the individual develops certain stresses at a vulnerable moment in her life, addiction is likely. This premise is true for internet addiction.

Overcoming Internet Addiction

Psychiatrist Ivan Goldberg coined the term internet addiction disorder. According to Goldberg, people are responsible for realizing when a pattern of overuse is forming. Understanding the basic signs is key to recognizing this pattern. If the individual spends too much time on or thinking about the internet, then a problem is developing. He should question why he seeks escape from life through the internet. He should try to sort out the issue instead of running from it. It is recommended that he take the necessary steps to recover from his addiction.

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Treatment for Internet Addiction

Julia Bursten & Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. cited on that therapy techniques are recommended to treat IAD. Instead of completely abstaining from internet use, they suggest that the user cuts down on the amount of time he spends on the internet. Individuals addicted to the Internet may have difficulty reducing their usage on their own and may need assistance. Therapy such as Motivational Interviewing may be used to evaluate the addict’s motivation level in adjusting his actions and assist him in becoming more motivated to make a permanent change.

Like any other addiction, internet addiction evokes a powerful and adverse effect on the individual, and can lead to broken homes. It is therefore necessary that the individual recognizes her web addiction and takes the necessary steps to fight and overcome it. 

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