Important Reasons to Paint Industrial Equipment

Paint doesn’t last forever. It’s not uncommon for machinery to get painted right off the factory floor. This results in an easily chipped or scratched paint job that begins rusting almost immediately.

While it might be tempting to try and restore the equipment yourself, your best option is to hire a professional painting company to provide machinery painting. Check out the content below to understand why.

Professional Painting Companies Understand Applications

There is a specific type of paint made to withstand the elements on large-scale equipment. This includes construction cranes and oil rig platforms. An expert painting service knows how to apply this specialized product correctly.

Even if you’re familiar with paint and its various formulations, the application process varies significantly depending on the machine. It only takes one improperly applied coat to ruin your equipment. A painting company understands how best to apply this specialized paint and provide a durable, long-lasting coat of machinery protection.

Professional Painters Provide Expertise That Goes Beyond Paint Application

While the proper application is incredibly important when applying paint to machinery, it’s only one element of the painting process. Great paint jobs last for years when they are applied by someone who knows how to handle an industrial-grade paint gun.

Also, an expert can remove the machine from its location during the application process. Furthermore, professional painters are likely to have experience working with machinery manufacturers on new product designs. This ensures adequate fitment of the paint job.

 All of this expertise is crucial to getting machinery painting that will stand up to harsh elements and hold up for years after application.

Professional Painters Provide Superior Prep Work

Rust can ruin an otherwise excellent painting job. Before any paint is applied, it’s necessary to clean the equipment and remove rust that might have accumulated. Most companies skimp on this part of the process to keep costs low.

 However, a high-quality paint job requires a proper preparation. The rust has to be fully removed, or it’s going to show through in a few months’ time.

A painting company knows how deep they have to remove the rust to get it out of the way. Plus, they have the proper tools to do it.

The best manufacturers prepare their equipment for paint jobs by prepping metal with a light coating of zinc. It keeps rust at bay until the paint is applied. This process should be done before shipment from the factory. Unfortunately, some machines are never painted.

If you live in the Fort Wayne area and need the help of local industrial painters, click the highlighted link.

Machinery Painting Is Essential

If you’re looking for a quality paint job that will protect your equipment from the elements, it’s definitely worth considering a professional painting company. Investing in machinery painting is well worth the money

We hope this content was helpful and provided some valuable insights into hiring a painting company. Thanks for reading!

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