Important Questions to Ask the Immigration Lawyer Before Hiring Them

Are you getting ready to apply for U.S. citizenship or would like to resolve your residence status once and for all?

Then you need a good immigration lawyer who knows exactly what to do in cases like yours. Finding a lawyer you can trust and who has your best interest at heart can be challenging but not impossible. 

Keep reading to learn what essential questions to ask an immigration lawyer and what answers to expect from a good one.

What Is Your Experience In This Type of Immigration?

There are different types of lawyers, but not all of them specialize in immigration law. Before you hire a law firm, make sure they have a lot of experience with immigration cases, especially your specific case, is he familiar with the writ of mandamus? Can he help me with moving my business from Dubai to Canada? Will he be able to help me with my work visa? Those are all the questions you should ask, and be as specific as possible since every detail is important, this is law we are talking about.

Law firms that work with all types of legal cases may not be well acquainted with immigration. Immigration laws and regulations change constantly and this is something only a specialized lawyer would keep up with.

Have You Worked With and Helped Similar Cases To Mine?

When doing your research on an immigration lawyer, look for one who’s handled cases like yours. Check the lawyer’s track record, success rate, and the methods they use to resolve the cases.

Ask if they can share about a similar case they’ve recently helped, what they did, and how the process looked like. For example, if you want to move to Canada, ask what he will do to ensure you’ll get a work permit Canada or Canadian citizenship. This is a surefire way to find the best law firm for your case and ensure it’s in great hands.

Are You Member of the State Bar Association?

An immigration lawyer needs to be a registered legal practitioner with the state bar association and similar related institutions. This is essential in order to practice immigration law. Ask to see their licenses and credentials if you’re not sure.

If the lawyer doesn’t have this documentation, they are not legally allowed to take on cases and practice law. As a client, you should not take on a law firm without these licenses as this can hurt your case and cause legal problems.

What Steps and Procedures Will You Take On My Behalf?

As a new immigrant, you may not know all the details of your application or the state and country immigration laws. This is where a lawyer can help the process and do some of the confusing things for you.

However, you need to know exactly what these steps and procedures will be, as well as which documents the lawyer will sign and submit for you.

How Much Will the Entire Immigration Process Cost?

The immigration process can be expensive and that’s no secret but you need to know about every single fee related to your case. Though there may be unexpected expenses, there should never be hidden costs that your lawyer charges without your knowledge.

Find the Right Immigration Lawyer for Your Case by Asking These Important Questions

Finding an immigration lawyer who will do their best to win your case and resolve your immigration situation can be challenging. Luckily, you can sift through the bad ones if you ask the right questions and learn what answers to expect from a high-quality lawyer.

Ready to start your immigration procedure? Find more information-packed articles on this topic over on our blog and come back often to discover the latest news and updates.

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