Important Documents To Prepare For Your Job Application

There are quite a number of things you have to prepare if you are going to apply for a job. Some requirements are mandatory to submit to all kinds of jobs, and there are these things we call supporting documents. Supporting documents are documents that support the claims you have stated in your resume. We will talk about some of the most common documents that you will need for your job application.

The Basic Documents:


Your resume is the document that all employers would require. Your resume would contain all the information the company needs. Your resume should include your personal information, contact numbers, your email address, work history, educational background, objective, relevant awards, references, and soft and hard skills. This document will help you convince your employers that you are just the candidate they are looking for.

Cover letter

The cover letter is typically submitted along with your resume. It is a short document that shows the applicant’s credentials and interests. The difference between a resume and a cover letter is that it serves as an introduction that helps the applicant explain their interest and credentials. The resume, on the other hand, focuses more on your professional record and academic background.

The Supporting Documents:

Letter of reccomendation

A recommendation letter will help you with your impression of your employers. Here they will get a glimpse of how you are in your previous workplace. Your work ethic and personal and social skills will be reflected in this document. A recommendation letter is written by your previous superior, professor, or client. Here, they will recommend an individual’s performance, and it can be in school or at work. If you had a good performance or excelled in your previous occupation, the one who writes the recommendation letter will have a lot of good things to put, meaning your impression to the employers will be better.


SSN stands for social security number. The majority of the employers would ask for your SSN to conduct a credit check. This will also allow you to give proof of age, identity, and citizenship. With this, your employers can check your background quicker.

NBI clearance

Companies take precautions when hiring an applicant. They would not want anyone with a bad record because it is hard to trust them. Hiring someone with a bad track record may hurt the company’s image and credibility. The NBI clearance will prove that you do not have any criminal record and credibility as a decent citizen.

Educational certificates

Your educational certificates will help you prove your credibility and credentials. This is also proof that you have finished a certain level in schools like high school and college. Do not forget to bring your degree certificate. These certificates will help you in convincing your employers that you have enough educational experience to contain the knowledge you need for the position.

Medical exam certificate

A pre-employment medical exam will help the employer s see your medical state. A medical exam includes a physical exam and maybe even a drug test. This document will be more advantageous for you if you are applying for a job that requires a healthy body. This will show how capable you are of the job and how effective you can be.

Before applying for a job, you should ensure that you have prepared all the requirements and include the supporting documents. Do not underestimate the supporting documents. You are applying for the position; you are still convincing the hiring managers, so bring everything that can help you convince them that you are the candidate they are looking for!

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