Importance Of Website’s Health Checks

If you know anything about digital marketing, then there is one thing you should know for sure.

Digital marketing is very subjective and ever-changing!

Something that is working on you might not work for some other website and vice versa. At the same time, if there are some tools that have worked for you previously, it doesn’t mean they will work for you again.

Now, you must be asking why we need a website health check, and in this excerpt below, we will be discussing just that.

So, sit back and start taking notes, and if you feel like it is high time, some professional SEO auditor should take a look at your website, then click

Importance Of Website Health Check

Here are some of the pioneer reasons why you should never miss out on a regular health check.

1. Updating The Website

As we have already mentioned, the Google algorithm changes almost every month. It depends on the customer experiences and the new trends.

Thus, it is something which you need to do regularly without fail.

If your website or content is already ranking, then it has good health. However, it might fall because of the lack of updates.

2. Adding New SEO

There are certain tags, long-tail keywords, Internal links, and backlinks that you need to keep on checking.

Some of them might be outdated, and they can overall impact the health of your web content.

Thus, keeping them updated will ensure that they are getting at least reheated, if not freshly brewed, content every time.

3. Updating The Security

Cybersecurity requires updates because cybercriminals are not just sitting in one place and not doing anything.

They are also getting more advanced.

Thus, checking your website’s health, especially with the help of a professional, ensures the weak parts of a website and fixes them.

4. Increasing The Speed

The speed of the website is very important for a better user experience. For example, if it is taking too long to load, or if the advertisements are popping up at the wrong time, you are looking at a website with a high bounce rate.

Thus, increasing the speed to make the navigation smooth is all a part of checking the health.

Frequently Asked Questions

The importance of a health check when you are trying to give your entire website full auditing is very important.

But, you have probably understood this from the excerpt above, and yes, it is possible that you might need some more insights about it.

Now, how will you get it?

We are trying to make this easier for you.

We have scoured the internet and gotten some of the frequently asked questions and tried to find the best answers to them.

1. What Is A Good Website Health?

Ans. On the page, if you are doing a regular website check and you get a score of 80%, then you have overall good website health.

This just means that 20% of the web pages have some SEO errors, bounce rates, or backdated elements.

You have to work on this 20% and then keep the 80% intact.

2. What Is DA & PA?

Ans. DA, also known as Domain Authority, and PA being Page Authority, are two of the most important website scores which you should keep checking.

A DA score will predict how well your domain is doing as a whole and how well it will rank in the SERPs. PA score, on the other hand, predicts how good a specific webpage will rank in the SERPs.

3. How Can You Tell If A Website Is Slow?

Ans. In order to understand whether your website is slow or why it is not ranking in the Google algorithm, you have to run a full website audit for this purpose.

There are some tools that will help you get that speed auditing done.


If all the above-mentioned pointers are not enough, then here is something for which you absolutely need to check your health.

For backing up the data!

You wouldn’t want to lose all your years of work because of Google indexing. 

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